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GoSend is a delivery service provided by Shopee, a popular e-commerce platform in Indonesia. With GoSend, users can send and receive packages within the same city or even between different cities in Indonesia. It is a convenient service that saves time and effort for both buyers and sellers.

How to Use GoSend

How To Use Gosend

To use GoSend, simply select the GoSend option when checking out your purchase on Shopee. You will be prompted to enter your delivery address and choose a delivery time slot that is convenient for you. Once your order is confirmed, the seller will prepare your package and hand it over to the GoSend courier for delivery.

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You can also use GoSend to send packages to others. Simply select the GoSend option when creating a new shipment and enter the recipient’s address. You can then choose a delivery time slot and pay for the shipment using your Shopee wallet balance or other payment methods.

Tracking Your GoSend Shipment

Tracking Gosend Shopee

Once your package is picked up by the GoSend courier, you can track its delivery status using the Shopee app or website. Simply go to the “My Orders” section and select the order that you want to track. You will see the current status of your package, such as “picked up” or “out for delivery”.

If you want more detailed information about your package’s location and estimated delivery time, you can use the “Live Tracking” feature on the Shopee app. This feature uses GPS tracking to show you the exact location of your package in real-time.

GoSend Delivery Times and Fees

Gosend Delivery Times And Fees

The delivery time and fee for your GoSend shipment will depend on the distance between the sender and the recipient, as well as the delivery time slot that you choose. GoSend offers same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery options at varying prices.

You can view the estimated delivery time and fee for your shipment before confirming your order. The fee will be added to your total purchase price and can be paid using your Shopee wallet balance or other payment methods.

Benefits of Using GoSend

Benefits Of Using Gosend

Using GoSend has several benefits for both buyers and sellers on Shopee. For buyers, it offers a convenient and reliable delivery option that saves time and effort. You can track your package in real-time and choose a delivery time slot that fits your schedule.

For sellers, GoSend offers a fast and efficient way to deliver their products to customers. It also helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to more sales in the future.


Overall, GoSend is a useful delivery service provided by Shopee that makes sending and receiving packages easier and more convenient. With its real-time tracking and flexible delivery options, it is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient delivery service in Indonesia.

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