Why isn't the globe represented upside down?

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Why isn't the globe represented upside down?. Are You mam has that kind of question?, If yes then plz found the good soution below:

Balaji Viswanathan

You can just take a look at the map you pasted. How much information is conveyed in this map? When I place a map at the eye level, I want to get more of the content. Most of the map is taken up by water as the Southern hemisphere is mostly water. You see the map mostly to see the land and not necessarily the water content. I have to bend my neck to really focus on the important countries snuck somewhere in this map's bottom.


Like it or not, most of world's economy and population is the northern hemisphere. It is where all the nuclear powers and all the permanent members of the UN Security Council are. It is where major empires were built. It is where most countries are and I want to be able to look at them quickly rather than searching for them somewhere at the bottom.

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