Why is iTunes so damned counter-intuitive?

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Why is iTunes so damned counter-intuitive?. Do You sir and mam has this kind of concern?, If do then plz found the best solution below:

Chuck Rogers

Because that’s not how it works. There are a lot of things wrong with the current version of iTunes, but “opening” files isn’t one of them.

iTunes imports songs into a library that it maintains. So it never really opens a file. In order to listen to a song (or view a video) you must import the file into the iTunes library.

From a User Interface perspective it is doing the right thing. When you open a file, you are using the original file. When you close it, the file is released from use, but stays in the same location.

When you import a song into iTunes you never have to open it again because it has been moved into the iTunes library and is always available to be played.

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