Why does it feel different to sleep with someone?

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Why does it feel different to sleep with someone?. Do You mam and sir has this kind of concern?, If yes then plz check the tips below this line:

Vinny DeVito

My wife and I stopped sleeping in the same bed a long time ago. Just did not work for us. I got up very early and it would wake her up. I had offices overseas and they would call and even fax me back in the days before the internet. I had a fax machine in bed with me. Plus I snore and my wife needs the TV on to fall asleep while I need total silence. Add to this my insomnia so I can be up all night or wake up 3 times a night.

Now we each have our own bedroom. Hers looks feminine while mine is masculine. We both have Queen sized beds and I go to bed at 2–3am while she is asleep by midnight. Now when we go to a hotel we get separate beds. It is even worse now that I use a CPAP machine which makes noise. My wife has to wear earplugs when we stay at a hotel.

People are usually shocked when I tell them that my wife and I do not share a bedroom. I think they are still buying the old fashioned idea of needing to share a bed to keep the marriage alive. 50% of those who do that get divorced. We have just as much sex as anyone else and when done we go to sleep in our own beds. I do not know what benefit there is to sleeping with my wife. After all, we would be asleep. If we want to cuddle we go to one of our beds and snuggle. There is nothing like having a big bed all to yourself. Sex is even more exciting when you have to seduce someone to go into your bedroom. Sort of like it was during my dating years. What to see the artwork in bedroom my dear? 🙂

After over 40 years of marriage I think that part of our success is giving each other space. I spend a lot of time in my combination man cave and office. My wife does her own thing. Then we get together to eat and watch a few hours of TV before retiring to our own rooms. It works for us.

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