Why do laypersons have such arrogance when denying human-caused climate change?

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Why do laypersons have such arrogance when denying human-caused climate change?. Are You misses or mister own this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please read the solution right after this line:

Sometimes entire fields of scientists get things badly wrong – its called groupthink.

Eugenics was a prominent global pseudoscience, with huge support from politicians and scientific institutions across the world. Some people objected to Eugenics, but not enough – the belief in Eugenics led to the holocaust. Millions of people died because the scientific fad belief of the time suggested they could not be allowed to live.

Proponents of Eugenics were not scientific nobodies. The list of leaders of the Eugenics movement reads like a who’s-who of scientific greats of the early 20th century – people like Ronald Fisher, a prominent statistician and mathematician who laid the foundations of our modern understanding of evolution, and Karl Pearson, who laid the foundations of modern statistics.

Groupthink is no respecter of scientific ability.

What is not taught these days is the sheer scale of the Eugenics movement. In 1932, an IPCC style global Eugenics congress was held in New York. The congress was well attended by scientists from all over the world. Only by reading the report of the congress can you get an impression of just how big this movement was.

A few scientists objected to Eugenics, to the unjustified cruelty of its conclusions, but they failed to stop the juggernaut in time to prevent vast numbers of deaths – though who knows how many would have died if there had been no objections.

For example, Dr. Huxley, of the Zoological Society of London, was subject to fierce criticism because of his insistence that black people weren’t a separate, inferior race – that there was only one human race.

Are large numbers of climate scientists currently victims of groupthink? The scientists themselves certainly don’t think so, but if groupthink was that easy to break, it wouldn’t occur in the first place.

But it is our duty to question science which we think has gone badly wrong. I’m not suggesting I’m necessarily right about climate science – but to suggest we shouldn’t question, to suggest that some science is beyond question or criticism, is in my opinion to lay the groundwork for a new holocaust.

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