Why aren't programming environments using more AI?

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Why aren't programming environments using more AI?. Do You Mr or Mrs has this kind of problem?, If yes then please get the best solution below:

Douglas Green

Part of the reason is that AI isn’t smart enough to write code yet. So human beings are still required to patch everything together.

However, even without AI to write code for us, we’ve still achieved significant progress. A lot of the progress has been in writing higher-level tools, like scripting languages. These languages make us more productive by managing our memory and data structures for us, and providing thousands of built-in functions that do every sort of basic task.

On top of that, there are many open source libraries that offer code reuse. And there are free operating systems with tons of command line tools and IDEs that make you more productive. And there are code generation tools that can automate basic tasks like CRUD layers. And there are content management systems like WordPress that let you build whole sites without writing code. And there are free Web services that you can sign up for so you don’t have to develop your own tools. And there are online discussion sites that document how to solve your problems for you and answer a lot of your programming questions.

So a lot of the work is done for you nowadays. But when you’re doing the programming, you’re adding the top layer of functionality where you are doing most of the work. So even today it still comes down to you writing your own integration code for each custom application. You’re adding value by tying the components together with original, custom functionality.

In the future, an advanced artificial general intelligence might be able to take this job away from you. But that would require human-like intelligence, which is at least a decade or two away.

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