Who is the best person you've ever met and why?

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Who is the best person you've ever met and why?. Are You mam & sir own that kind of concern?, If do then plz get the best feedback right after below:

Sayyed Manzer

Venue : Rajeev Chowk station.

The incident happened yesterday when I was travelling from Gurgaon to Noida. So I had to change my route at Rajeev Chowk.

As I am new in the city I was not much aware of the platforms and the other fixtures. So I started looking for the route map which can help me reach Noida. In the midst of my search I hear a voice , "Han beta pucho (yes son , ask )".

I thought it wasn't intended for me so I ignored.

But again he said , " kahan Jana hai tumhe" ( where do you want to go " )

I said Noida and he further guided me.

I thanked him with that confused smile, thinking that why was he doing this. He was standing next to the map and helping each and everyone who came there.

I was standing still and noticing him , he literally helped everyone who came near to the map.

I couldn't control my curiosity, went straight to him and asked the reason behind this selfless work.

And here's what he said :

Initially he was shocked that why did I come back and that too for this. But he said :

I am a cancer patient and as per the doctors I would have died 3 years before. But by god's grace I am still alive. I have received this "Bonus" life. It has all come because of the blessings. So yes here I am helping people as much I can. One day I have to die , but before that day comes I want to have as many blessings as I can.

I had nothing to say at that moment , but suddenly my eyes struck at a bag next to him which had chips , wafers and biscuits. Further I enquired about it that does he sell those stuff , to which he laughed and replied :

No no , these are for the sweepers. Once they start leaving for the day , I distribute it among them. They further take it to their kids. So yes , more of blessings.

At that moment I was shell shocked. Seeing such a pure soul in the midst of country's capital. Helping people selflessly. That too with a broad smile.

So yes. There are good people out there mate. Let us all be like them.

I clicked his pic too , here it is :

His name is Dilbagh 🙂

Image source : My roll , coz Quora wanted this -_-

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