Which phone suits me?

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Which phone suits me?. Are You mister or misses own this kind of problem?, If do then please found the tips right after this line:

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Here is the phone I recommend you to go for. That is Lumia 950. Please don’t consider it as useless, since Windows phone are not used by many people as android. Great camera, Best ever windows 10 OS, premium design. Take a deep look on it here.


The Lumia 950 sports a 20MP PureView shooter with a triple LED flash, optical image stabilization(OIS) and Zeiss optics in the rear. 20MP 1/2.4″-type Sony CMOS sensor is used . F1.9 maximum aperture size. Hence , quality of pictures are at best. Another cool feature about the Lumia 950 camera is that, when shooting subjects in motion, the sensor can pinpoint exactly with pixels to focus on to avoid blur. Lumia 950 comes with a dedicated shutter button that allows for quick launching of the camera app. Triple-LED RGB flash is used much for optimized white balance when using the flash in mixed light situations.

Auto mode and Pro mode is used in Windows camera app. In Auto mode Almost all shooting parameters are adjusted automatically, but you can change the flash mode, switch to the front camera, and activate Rich Capture, Microsoft’s HDR mode. You can also set a focus point by tapping anywhere on the screen but exposure is not linked to the focus.

Pro mode gives you many more options for manual adjustment and the user interface works really nicely. It allows you to manually adjust white balance, focus, ISO, shutter speed or exposure compensation manually on a series of virtual dials. As in Auto mode you can set the focus point by tapping on the screen.

Front side 5 MP camera is given with the aperture size of F2.4. It snaps good selfies at bright conditions and at low light it snaps images that is quite soft. The front camera is capable of producing a decent exposure at low light levels.

Living images : When this mode is activated one second of video is captured in addition to a still image when you hit the shutter button. When you open an image for viewing in the Photos app the video will play, giving you a better idea of what was going on at the moment the picture was taken.

Exposure is very accurate and dynamic range is decent for this smartphone camera. Auto focus mode helps the app to be ready for snapping and is fast.

Sony sensor gives very much contribution for giving a better and bright details of images at day and night time. F1.9 aperture makes the quality of picture very best and it shallows enough the area that is not in the focus area.

Image stabilization system works very efficiently in this phone. It adjusts to the light conditions of the environment by which it can offer very low noise images and crispy images.

DNG Raw is one the Raw image snapping feature that offers better detail and control over image processing.

Lumia 950 can produce excellent image results. Detail in bright light is very good and, although things get a little softer, still more than acceptable in lower light conditions. Thanks to a very well balanced noise reduction and image processing noise is at low levels and not too intrusive throughout the ISO range.

Finally, if you are the kind of mobile photographer who values more ‘traditional’ photography features, such as the ability to capture Raw images, comprehensive manual control and a real shutter button, the Lumia 950 might be just what you’ve been looking for.


Lumia 950 is powered by snapdragon 808 processor. This processor has some less features than its big brother snapdragon 810. In order to compete with Apple’s 64 bit SoC , Qualcomm was rushed to produce power hungry cortex A 57 core processor that is snapdragon 810. Ultimately this processor gained lot of complaints from smartphone users for over heating. After this issue has gone out of hand, Qualcomm introduces 808 processor. This processor is a small cut down version of 810 processor. Has been manufactured by 20 nm process.

The best of this processor is, it can hold up its speed for long time than 810 does. In benchmark tests it is proven. This processor is a 64 bit processor made up of two Cortex A-57 cores and four cortex A 53 cores. Cortex A-57 core running with speed of 1.8 GHz whereas Cortex A-53 core is running with the speed of 1.4 GHz. Also this processor is enabled with big.LITTLE technology. Using this tech, processor is able to switch to cores depending on the speed required for processing according to the app. Hence, for low size applications it uses low speed cores and if apps demand more speed, those apps are handled by cortex A57 series. Hence there is no wastage of power by which significant power is saved which in turn helps for better battery back up.

When coming to GPU, it is little bit disappointment for consumers. Here GPU is slightly lower than 810 has. Adreno 418 GPU is given here whereas 810 has Adreno 430. OpenGL ES 3.11, OpenCL 1.2 Full, DirectX 11.2, content security, plus hardware tessellation, geometry shaders, programmable blending and decreased power consumption . Those above mentioned are all is latest API which handles the graphics part of the phone. Speed of GPU is 600 MHz. So handling heavy graphics is not much challenge for this processor.

For signal processing Hexagon V DSP signal processor is used as in 810 processor. Signal processing speed is significant that 800 MHz. Quite enough for fast signal processing.

When coming to Modem side more band support has been provided. Those are Integrated X10 LTE, with Global Mode supporting LTE FDD, LTE TDD, WCDMA (DC-HSPA+,DC-HSUPA), CDMA1x, EV-DO,TD-SCDMA and GSM/EDGE.

Support for Cat 9 speeds of up to 450 Mbps with support for up to 3×20 MHz carrier aggregation on LTE FDD and LTE TDD.

In connectivity side, Wifi support standards are 802.11 b/g/n/ac with MIMO technology. Qualcomm 2.0 and 3.0 supports which helps to fast charging a phone. USB 3.0 support for fast file transferring.

Dual ISP support for image processing for the camera of 21 MP at back and 8 MP at front.

This phone comes with 3GB RAM. RAM is LPDDR3 RAM with the speed of 933 MHz. So Multitasking is easy for you. You can use more and more apps continuously without having to kill other apps. Internal memory is 32GB . If it is not enough, you can add SD card to expand memory upto 200 GB.

There is also the new USB Type-C connector to offer some future proofing. The benefits of Type C include greater bandwidth for data transfers and the ability to handle more power for charging. Also, the Type C connector that is finally reversible. That means there is no more fidgeting when trying to insert the connector as there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’ side anymore. The other benefit is support for USB-C fast charging, Microsoft claims that this ability can charge your phone from just 10 percent to 50 percent in thirty minutes.

Lumia 950 support USB OTG. This means when you use a third-party adapter you can connect up USB peripherals including a USB drive that the OS mounts. By using the built-in File Explorer, you can then browse the drive and access files. We’ll have a follow-up video demonstrating this ability soon.

Windows Hello : Using a near-infrared camera along with the standard 5MP front-facing camera, you can unlock the Lumia 950 just by gazing deeply at the display for a second or two. Once recognized Windows Hello can dismiss the lock screen automatically. Regarding privacy, Windows Hello does not take a picture of your eyes or irises, nor does it send any information to the cloud. Instead, scanning creates an encrypted hash that is stored on the phone.

Continuum feature :

Microsoft’s Continuum for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile is both a fascinating yet odd feature. Microsoft’s idea here is that users can connect their phone up to a larger display and use it as a PC. Universal Windows 10 apps can auto-scale to the large display, and you can even connect a mouse and keyboard up to complete the experience. While the phone powers the display, you can continue to use the phone separately including making calls and getting charged through the USB-C Quick Charge system.

There are a few ways to use Continuum, including wired through the Display Dock and wireless using Miracast. In both scenarios, you can use a mouse and keyboard as well. Microsoft is recommending the third-party Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 – Continuum Edition adapter for displays without Miracast support. The dongle does not have anything special about it, but Microsoft insists it gets the best user experience. This makes sense as not every Miracast device performs the same, unfortunately.


Lumia 950 comes with 5.2 inch display. Which is very handy to use. It comes with the resolution of 2560 * 1440 pixels. 56 PPI resolution. Very impressive display. Display is Quad HD type. Lumia 950 has OLED clear black display. For protection it comes with Gorilla glass 3 which is also a scratch resistant. Colors are bright an vivid. The screen itself is very accurate and can clearly be viewed from any reasonable angle with minimal distortion. As the screen is an OLED screen, the blacks on the 950 are very deep and very black. It gives a wonderful experience if you choose to theme your Windows Phone with the dark theme. Text is sharp and everything, the tiles on the start screen look great and it brings out the beauty in Microsoft’s new MDL2 OS design. You will surely love it. Its hard to find negative from display performance.


Eventhough it is a flagship phone, the design language used for this phone is as much as other latest Lumia devices. Its back is completely closed using polycarbonate plastic shell. Slight disappointment. But to be positive, Plastic shells won’t get damaged by scratches and other wear and tear problems in mean time whereas metal body phones will face problem. Camera is placed at center top of the back side. Camera protrude some heights of mm from its flat back panel. Edges are curved as other Lumias. Volume up and down buttons are placed at right edge that is followed by power button and two stage camera button. Giving dedicated camera button is a good option which is missing in more smartphones. Other than that Type -C USB and 3.5 mm jack is provided. It weighs 150 g. When you hold it, it feels comfort.


Lumia 950 is running in windows 10 mobile OS. It is totally different from android and iOS. Windows 10 mobile OS is an emerging OS with lot of features and microsoft taking big steps. Continuum feature, windows hello are should be noted features. UWP is another big step from microsoft. Developers just need to develop app for any one microsoft devices like phone or PC. So developers don’t need to put effort for developing apps for each devices. Live tiles are one of the unique design. It gives updates about informations, messages, calls etc. Windows mobile OS is more secure operating system than android and iOS. Now windows 10 is getting more stable and optimized after its anniversary update. New features also being added to OS.

Another great idea from microsoft is they conducting Windows insiders program. Some people around the world enroll into this program. Microsoft releases their OS updates earlier to this insiders before normal users. They run that OS and report about bugs, problems and suggestions to the development team. They respond back to these feedback. Then developing OS as per the feedback from insiders. This is one of the great idea and it works well till now. With this program, Microsoft will eventually enter into the good place in mobile OS as android and iOS.


You can expect more than one day usage from almost all Lumia phones. Windows phone has a great name for best battery bakcup than android and iOS. Lumia 950 comes with 3000mAh battery which is fair enough for users to go through one day with this phone. USB type C port has been given so fast charging is also there. With moderate usage, you can use this phone up to one and half day. Battery back up will get bigger and bigger after every update from Microsoft.

So, not only the camera, I have given all details about this phone. You can go for it. Great device.

Hope it helps!

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