Which Mobile is best in between Moto g4 plus and samsung galaxy j7?

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Which Mobile is best in between Moto g4 plus and samsung galaxy j7?. Are You sir own this kind of concern?, If yes then plz found the best solution below this line:

Hi, thanks for A2A.

Its pretty tough to some extent in comparing two phone which has same potential to compete with each other. But I made this comparison as far as i know. Lets see this.


Moto G4 plus :

This phone is powered by snapdragon 617 processor which is successor to the 615. This processor has less difference than its predecessor but have good features to be considered. This processor, as 615 is clustered with two set of quad cores which makes it a octa core processor. It has big.LITTLE technology inbuilt for performance optimization and battery saving. One set of cluster works with maximum speed of CPU 1.5 GHz. Another cluster works with clock pulse 1.2 GHz. According to the apps used by phone, processor switch over between these clusters. It is very helpful for better performance and battery optimization at its best level.

GPU is Adreno 405. As in 615. This GPU speeds up to 550MHz. It has Open CL 1.2, Open GL ES 3.1 and Direct X 11.2 with tessellation, they are all latest API and graphics rendering algorithms used Graphical processing unit. They will give better support in phone whenever Graphical oriented process are rendered in phone.

This SoC is built by ARMv8-A architecture. The latest architecture currently being used in smartphone and tablets. It supports 64 bit operation with set of independent instructions. This processor is a 64 bit processor.

When coming to connectivity area, this processor does much more than expected. Supporting wide range of networks LTE FDD, LTE TDD, WCDMA (DB-DC-HSDPA,DC-HSUPA), CDMA1x, EV-DO,TD-SCDMA and GSM/EDGE. Supports cat-7 speed upto 300 Mbps. Qualcomm RF360 front end solution will help in reduced power consumption while surfing on internet. It also supports Wi-Fi (WLAN) network latest technology 802.11 ac . Bluetooth v 4.1.

It supports dual ISP for better camera performance. Supports up to 21MP camera.

Quick charging 3.0 option is also available. This phone also supports Turbo charging.

Its iZat technology enables user to get information around area not only that also offer more information. It does more than google maps really.

It has 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. You can expand memory up to 128 GB. So space problem won’t appear in future. LPDDR3 RAM is used for processing. It speed 933 MHz So almost it handles very heavy graphical required games and apps easily. Multitasking will be carried out very smoothly.


This phone is powered by Exynos 7870 processor. This is the processor which is manufactured by 14 nm process. First processor from Samsung as application processor with 14 nm technology. The best part of the processor is it reduce power consumption upto 30% than other 28 nm processor consumes. Samsung claims it.

This processor can support Full HD resolution 1980*1080. But it also supports up to 1980*1200(WXUGA) display. This processor is constructed with ARMv8-A architecture. It is a 32 bit processor. This point is notable. 617 is a 64 bit processor. Hence data processing is slower than 617 does. Cortex A-53 cores are used and clock speed is 1.6 GHz.

GPU in this SoC is Mali-T 830 GPU from ARM. This GPU speed is 600MHz. It computes more complex arithmetic operations which is very helpful in graphics rendering processes. The latest API and graphic rendering algorithms supported by this GPU is OpenGL® ES 1.1, 2.0, 3.1, 3.2 , Vulkan 1.0,OpenCL™ 1.1, 1.2 Full Profile,
DirectX® 11 FL9_3, RenderScript .Hence 2D and 3D graphical processes easily be handled by this unit.

It also supports energy consumption efficiency by using technologies like AFB and Smart compression.

In connectivity area, it supports LTE cat6 connection which is older than 617 does. Download speed upto 300 mbps.

It supports 16 MP camera with dual ISP support too. This also little bit lesser than 617 does.

This phone comes with 16GB internal memory. Memory can be expanded upto 128GB. Internal memory is also less than G4 plus have. 2GB RAM it gives to the user.

But G4 plus has 3GB RAM.

So overall, G4 plus has slightly high value than j7 here.


Moto G4 plus :

The Design of this phone is as elegant as other Motorola devices. It is slimmer than its predecessor, 7.9 mm. It front side has a physical button that is used as finger print sensor. You can use it for your security purposes. At back side it has 16 MP rear camera with dual LED set up. Laser autofocus technology is incorporated in this phone, you can see two small pin points over the camera. As usual , it also has Rubberized back cover which gives enough grip to hold. Rounded corners gives decent look for this phone. At centre of bottom side turbo charging micro usb port is given and at top 3.5 mm headphone socket is provided. Water resistant property is not available in this phone which could have been added to this phone.


As other Samsung devices, this phone does not come with much difference in design area. It has usual features as other samsung devices has inn design. Its back cover is plastic and is flexible to some extent but not strong enough to withstand moderate force on it. It has metal frame around it. Right side power button and left side volume rockers is found. At back camera and flash is placed. Physical home button and other capacitve keys are found in bottom bezel on front side. USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack is at bottom of the phone. Over all design is not as unique as G4 plus has.


Moto G4 plus :

This phone has 5.5 inch display with the resolution of 1080*1920 . Full HD display. Screen to body ratio is maintained at good level. Easy to use in one hand. You can reach all area of the display very easily with single hand. IPS TFT display is used which helps to increase the naturalness of the images, good colour reproduction rate. Gorilla glass 3 protection is an added advantage which helps in resistance to scratches.


It has 5.5 inch display. But you cannot Expect full HD display here. It has resolution of 720*1280 resolution which is for 5 inch phones. 5.5 inch phones should be packed with Full HD support. Due to this, you can easily find odds between this phone with g4 plus. Low resolution is easily eyed by reading PDFs, texting etc. But this low resolution will help to save energy. Phone doesn’t consume more power since it has low resolution display. But viewing images and video playings are slightly crappy for users.

Moto G4 is better than j7 here too.


Moto G4 plus :

16 MP Rear camera is positioned at back side. At front 5 MP Camera is positioned. Moto G4 plus comes with better camera than 3rd generation, Motorola claimed. As they said, it does a better job in terms of camera performance. PDAF technology and laser auto focus helps really in focusing objects as fast as possible. Day light images are as almost natural as we seen in our eye. Colour reproduction is very good, Simple camera software helps to produce best photos with quality image processing. Dual ISP helps in this area as well. Front camera does a decent job. Take snaps very fast and clear. Low light photos also good. Low noise present in them. Fast snapping, focusing are plus point of this phone.


This phone comes with 13MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. Rear camera does a good job in shooting photos. They provide really vibrant and cool images at day light conditions. Color reproduction and software compression also good. Selfie camera comes with flash which is missing g4 plus. It does good job too. They take very good selfies. Low light images are not upto the mark and notable amount of noise present there. Overall it does a job very well.

But Moto G4 plus performs very well even in low light conditions. It is left to the user, since i cannot make reasonable answer here.


Moto G4 plus :

Motorola gives latest android OS in this phone. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version. This OS has lot of features and at its best. Motorola uses very light skin over this OS, which looks like as stock android. So There is very less chance for software problems like app crashing, hanging problems. Also Motorola is at top in the list of providing updates to their users frequently. So there is no need to worry about latest features missing in the phone. It’s OS is very stable, optimized OS. So software is always plus for Motorola as well as to the users too.


As Motorola, Samsung also has been giving very stable, optimized and well performing android OS for users. They use Touvhwiz skin over android OS. It is not like near stack android but they are now ahead to achieving this criteria. In this phone they give latest marshmallow OS with their skin to the users. It contains many features.

This area surely is left to the user’s taste.


Moto G4 plus :

This phone has 3000mAh battery. Should have this much capacity in battery to lit up the phone whole day with out any intervention of charger. But this phone will stay up for more than one day. Even you are heavy gamer or internet user, it will end up at night only not in middle of the day. So battery back up is good in this phone. Turbo charging option is available. So user won’t need long time to charge it. Almost 1 to 1 and half hours only needed.


This phone is packed with 3300 mAh battery which is very much enough to use for whole day. Also added big points for saving energy in this phone is processor and low resolution display. This will help users indirectly to save power. But users are responsible always for this phenomena who can save battery for two days are drain it in half a day.

Battery area is ruled here by J7. Moto G4 plus little bit less in capacity theoretically.

So Choose a phone wisely. Cheers!

Hope it helps!

We at this technology blog hope if the answers above can answer your concern. Take care


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