Which jobs will be killed the quickest by artificial intelligence?

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Which jobs will be killed the quickest by artificial intelligence?. Are You guys own that kind of concern?, If do then plz check the good feedback right after below:

I wouldn’t worry about losing your job for a few years. Today’s technology is not able to take most jobs. And when it becomes capable, the changes to society should be positive.

Kinds of jobs to automate

What are the traits of a job that AI can replace?

The job has to be mundane enough that people want a robot to do it. Even though AI can play chess better than humans, chess player still hasn’t been eliminated as a job. The reason is that chess is a form of entertainment, like sports and acting. We enjoy the drama of watching humans compete at these activities, even if machines could do them better.

There has to be enough money in the occupation to justify the cost of robots. Since fast food workers are cheaper than robots now, they likely won’t get replaced unless wages rise or the cost of robots falls. However, if the fast food worker can be replaced by a cheap order-taking kiosk, there’s no reason to keep a human in that job.

The AI has to be fully capable of replacing the human. If the AI can do most of the human’s job, the human might keep their job and just use the AI as an assistant. Note that the AI can cheat by using above-human senses, patience, or accuracy without being as smart as the human. Using its distinct AI advantages is enough to replace humans in some jobs.

Which jobs can be replaced?

The kinds of jobs that we could replace within a few years include:

  • Taxi, bus, and truck drivers – replace with self-driving vehicles
  • Order takers and cashiers – replace with kiosks
  • Tax preparers and accountants – replace with software
  • Telemarketers – replace with robocalls

McKinskey report

According to Four fundamentals of workplace automation, less than 5% of current jobs can be completely automated using today’s technology.

The authors of the McKinsey report don’t say which jobs, though. Their full report isn’t due until later this year.

This figure sounds plausible to me. Most jobs will be partly automated and made more productive rather than being killed. The remaining jobs will focus more on creativity, emotional skills, adaptability, and physical dexterity.

Outcome should be positive

The outcome of these changes seems positive to me.

People who lose their jobs can come out as winners. They can work less or find a better job. Or we can create a basic income to replace the lost jobs without the need for work.

People who keep their jobs can come out as winners. Their job just became more safe, creative, interesting, and productive.

Society can come out as a winner. The consumer gets to enjoy more goods and services with higher quality and less cost than ever before.

So I wouldn’t worry about the loss of jobs since society should adapt to such changes.

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