Which is the best Motorola phone under 20k?

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Which is the best Motorola phone under 20k?. Are You sir and mam has this kind of concern?, If yes then please get the good answer below this line:

Have a look at this phone. It has better quality, performance and exotic design. Lets see the details.


When you look at the design of this smartphone you will obviously take it for it’s aesthetic and exotic design. It’s rubber mat finish in the back panel and specific coverage over the edges of the Moto x play make itself stand alone from other smartphones. It comes in two colour. Black and white.This phone has an option to change the back panels. At right side it has power button and volume rocker buttons. It is water repellent but not water resistant. At top it has a tray for nano sim cards at one side and another side tray for SD card. Quite good idea from Motorola. Back cover is removable. It weighs 169 g.


Moto X play comes with 5.5″ display with the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. Moto x play has 403PPI resolution. It comes with corning gorilla glass 3 protection. So you don’t need to worry about scratches on your glass. It will protect the screen from hard fall. It won’t break so easily. It’s display is very crisp and vibrant.


Coming to hardware side it packs QUALCOMM snapdragon 615 processor. It is the first processor comes with octa core. It has lot of advancements than quad core processor from the same family.
 It has a faster clock speed (1.5 GHz)even it has 8 cores in itself. This is the first advantage of it. It has the ability to flip between cores(big.LITTLE technology). It is parsed into two cluster each one contains 4 cores. It has the ability to use 1st cluster with 1.5 GHz speed and second cluster with 1 GHz speed. So when you play heavy games or use heavy apps it will use first 4 cores with 1.5 GHz speed. If you check email or whatsapp it will switch to second cluster. So performance is optimized here.
 It uses newer version of graphic software which increases the better graphic supports like Direct_X 11.2 pipeline, Open GL ES 3.1 and Open CL 1.2. Adreno 405 is the GPU of snapdragon 615 with the speed of 550MHz. It strengthens GPU performance and helps in rendering 2D and 3D graphics on the screen.

It is 64 bit processor. A 64-bit architecture would also naturally upgrade the data bandwidth and throughput that the system-on-chip will be capable of handling.

It contains 2GB RAM which is LPDDR3 with the speed 800MHz 1*64 bit. eMMC is also 4.51 version. Internal memory is 16 and you can expand upto 128GB by adding SD card. 2GB RAM is sufficient to use all applications and play games, videos without any lag. You can’t find any performance issue in it.

Also connectivity is also improved in this CPU. It supports category 4 LTE with download speeds upto 150 mbps and upload speed upto 50 mbps. It has 3rd generation LTE transceiver for wireless communication which is power efficient than its predecessors.


Moto x play comes with 21MP camera. Actually merely MP will not be the factor for performance. Image sensor and software they provide will also be the factor. It gives decent performance in low light pictures.
Situated under the camera is a CCT (colour correlated temperature) two-tone flash for capturing softer skin tones without causing blow-outs.
The camera on the Moto X Play is fast. You can quickly jump straight into shooting mode by shaking the phone and focusing was accurate and locked on to our target almost instantly. Detailing of images that is taken in day time is very impressive. You can see details with out any distortion. Color accuracy and saturation is very precise in this camera. It gives vibrant and colorful images.Both the main camera and the 5MP front camera have a blue glass filter that gets rid of infrared – which means images look more natural. Front camera has 5MP and has no flash. But what interesting thing here is when you take a selfie shot in low light, the screen will flash a bright light, again with the colour adjusted to make it look more natural.
 Lack of OIS is the only drawback in it. But it can be atleast managed by slow shutter speed. So overall camera does a decent job.


Motorola comes with stock android OS lollipop 5.1.1 . It is bloatware free. You can find additional software launchers to get different kind of customization. Also Motorola as a name at the top for giving frequent updates for OS and software. Motorola provide very high end, optimized and stable OS than other smartphone manufacturers. So I highly suggest you to go for Moto x play. It can be upgraded to marshmallow which is the best ever OS of android till now.
Also it comes with moto apps that will be find helpful by the users. Very less number of bloatware from Motorola. Also you can uninstall it if you want. Very fluid performance and nearly stock android OS. Hence there won’t be many app crashes as happen in other smartphones and very less number of bugs if possible. Frequent updates helps to remove bugs if present( mostly not) and enhance the performance of the OS. You will feel smooth when you use it.


This is where high end phone even get stuck with the market. Always battery is the factor still all smartphone manufacturers get struggling. Moto x play comes with 3630mAh battery. User won’t need charger after charge it fully for one day use. It does a decent job even it has octa core processor with high performance. Turbo charging is missed here. But after marshmallow update it will be compensated by USB type C feature which allows the phone to get charged faster and fast data transfer. Also Turbo charger is available for this phone. You can buy it alone. It helps to reduce charging time very efficiently.

Hope it helps!

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