Where is the WPS PIN on a Canon MX922?

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Where is the WPS PIN on a Canon MX922?. Are You mister or misses own that kind of question?, If yes then plz read the best feedback right after below:

Airport Utility (for Airport Extreme) is asking for the WPS PIN that is supposedly on the Canon MX922 printer.Please let me know where the PIN is on the printer.Thank you!


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Hello there! Please note that WPS button is not located on the printer itself. The said button can be located on your router.
When your router does not have markings for WPS key, you can use the CD to be put on the computer and there, you can perform the standard installation for the wireless connection.
Additionally, you can use the CD when the LCD of the printer go already to its home screen. A wizard setup will confirm your wireless connection then ask you to choose your software and let you agree to the terms of service.


Network setup may be an issue esp. for Mac names, but their customer support is something you should take advantage should you run into difficulties. Between MX860 & 7600, there is no question that MX860 offers more features for less,.


You may have ghost drivers on your iPad go into safemode and delete anything in there that you see that has to do with the Canon BU and then reinstall it without you AVS.


The passphrase for the canon mx922 is the black number on the back.


I Bought a canon mg4150 but my laptop is a hp mini laptop. How do i setup and use it? Thanks.


First you need to connet it with a wire.


Scan each by each.






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