Where can i find inbox in samsung galaxy s2?

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Where can i find inbox in samsung galaxy s2?. Are You misses or mister own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz read the best solution right after below:

I cannot fine inbox in my samsung galaxy s2 mobile . where can i find ?


Answers for this question:

This happens when you have a full memory then some messages has been receive. you can simply fix this by removing or deleting first some application or files on your phone. Then after deleting some files, restart your phone. Go to your inbox or messages and you will now see again your inbox.


Recommend you down load gameboid. root your phone download gameboid onto your computer then drag on to your phone. to get roms you need a wifi or 3g for this. first go to your mobile browser and search doperoms.com and thats it.


Try transferring your apps onto the memory card instead of leaving them on the handset memory.


It comes with the phone. You should go to your messages if you want to text.


Go to messages and hold the particular message u want to delete …


Try astro file manager app…also is your sd card rooted.


Just type inbox on google that wht I do.






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