What would I miss if I choose IAS over IPS?

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What would I miss if I choose IAS over IPS?. Are You mam own this kind of concern?, If yes then please read the answer below this line:

Actually a lot.

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Most candidates in the Civil Services Examination (CSE) prefer IAS over IPS. However, there are always a few candidates who prefer IPS over IAS. It is because there are certain advantages in IPS which no other civil service can provide. Let me list a few of such privileges.

1: Uniform

The IPS is a uniform service. An IAS officer or the officers of any other civil service are like anyone else unless someone introduces them to you. However, an IPS officer is immediately recognized by his uniform. How smart an IPS officer looks in his uniform? A smart IPS officer stand apart from the crowd from his/her body language and smartness.

Kerala IPS officer Merin Joseph

2: Specialization

The best part of IAS is the variety of job. However, it also makes an IAS officer jack of all trades and master of none. They are in agriculture department today, head the revenue department tomorrow and the department of minority affair next day. They hardly spend sufficient time at any single charge to develop specialisation. Thus they often know much less than the officers who are working under them. Most services see IAS officers as an outsiders and intruder in their domain. An IPS officer specialises in policing and investigation. He builds a reputation of efficiency and expertise in his chosen field and respected by everyone. The organisations like CBI, IB and RAW personally monitored by the PM. Mr Ajit Kumar Doval, an retired IPS officer is the current National Security Adviser to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and one of the most powerful bureaucrat in the country.

3: Power

The IPS officers enjoy tremendous power directly. There is no one who can take confrontation even with even a low ranking police officers. They have tremendous discretion and they can put any person including a senior government official into trouble. The CBI which is almost exclusively manned at the senior level by IPS officer can arrest anyone including Ministers and IAS officers. IPS officers have power over every citizen of the country including other officers.

4: Job Satisfaction

The job of police provides great job satisfaction since you are directly dealing with people. When you arrest a criminal or an anti-social element, you cure the society of an illness. An honest police officer wins the love and admiration of the people who are suffering in the hands of the powerful and rich people. In other services, your contribution is indirect. Your impact is greatest as an IPS officer. I know some IPS officers who are so much feared by the criminals that they would leave the town no sooner the officer is posted there.

5: Visibility

There is no service which is as visible in India as police. You can’t cover even a small distance in a city without encountering a police officer on the road. However, high you may be, you have to go to a police officer when you have some problem. While hardly anyone knows who is the Chief Secretary of Delhi (or any other State), most people know the Police Commissioner or the DGP. The Delhi Police Commissioner Mr BS Bassi was seen almost daily on the TV and known all over the country. Here is one of his picture while addressing a press conference during a new year get together at Delhi Police headquarters in New Delhi.

6: Social Importance

No society can be prosperous if the law and order situation of the state or country is not good. A single crime like rape and murder can disturb the conscience of the nation. While it may not be news if revenue targets are missed by a few thousand crores or a project is delayed by couple of years, it is a national news if a rape of an innocent girl takes place in the city. Who can forget the Delhi Gang rape case of 2012 which shook the nation?

Policing and development goes together. You can’t invite any investment unless there is good law and order. It is for this reason that even the Chief Minister of a State and even PM pay personal attention to policing as without it, the state machinery would collapse.

7: Glamour

Police is another name of government. You would hardly see any IAS, IRS or any other officer in the movie. However, almost every alternative movie has police as a strong character. You can’t be a superstar unless you have played the role of a dashing police officer in a movie. They are loved, they are hated but they can never be ignored by anyone. The movies like Singham and Dabang glamorise police as Superman. Here is one such shot.

8: Public Adulation

The common people of India recognise state power with police and treat them above the rest. I remember a small story which I read several years ago in a news paper.

An old woman was fighting a land dispute case for several decades. Finally, the Judge pronounced the judgement is her favour in the Court.

The old woman got extremely happy. He blessed the Judge: “May God make you a Thanedar (Police Inspector) soon!”

If a police inspector is thought to be so high in the eyes of a common man, imagining the position of an IPS officer whom dozens of such officer report? This would be surely beyond their comprehension.

You certainly miss a lot when you choose IAS over IPS.

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