What would be the uses of metallic hydrogen?

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What would be the uses of metallic hydrogen?. Are You sir and mam own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz get the answer below:

As many people have already noted, metallic hydrogen, were it to be stable at room temperature, might be an amazing chemical rocket fuel or a room temperature superconductor (or both).

But what good would those do us?

A superior rocket fuel would massively decrease the cost of space launches. Right now, if you want to get something into orbit, the vast majority of what you end up launching is fuel. The reason is that Earth’s gravity is quite significant, and as a result a fair amount of fuel is required to launch something heavy into space. But then extra fuel is required to launch that fuel. But then extra fuel is required to launch that fuel. But then…

You get the idea. This is called The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation.

A better fuel would result in less fuel being needed to launch a heavy thing into orbit, and then less fuel to launch that fuel, etc. Major savings. What’s more, while converting gaseous hydrogen into metallic hydrogen is likely to be quite expensive, hydrogen itself is so common as to be effectively free. It’s also abundant all over the solar system, which might make refueling of ships much easier in the future.

But that’s small potatoes compared to what a room-temperature superconductor could do for our world.

Right now, if you need power in a city, you need a power plant quite near to that city. Every mile farther away loses you power due to resistance within the electrical wires that transmit that power from your plant to your city. This is particularly annoying because many cities that need lots of power (New York, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, etc.) are in areas that have very little sunlight for huge portions of the year (as we like to call it here in the D, “Non-construction season”).

But if metallic hydrogen were a stable room-temperature superconductor, one could, in theory, make a wire of the stuff that ran from the desert of Utah to the drab doldrums of dreary Detroit and pipe electrical power without losing any. If we tried that trick today, barely a Watt would make the trip. But with a room temperature superconductor, every Watt would arrive pristine and ready-to use.

The ramifications would be enormous.

Huge solar and wind farms could send power across the nation. Nuclear power plants could be isolated in uninhabited and geologically safe regions of countries rather than right on top of population centers. Balancing power would be massively easier as the entire grid could be interconnected without losses.

Metallic hydrogen could be as close to a panacea as you see in your lifetime…if (and it’s a huge if) it turns out to be a stable room-temperature superconductor.

My bet is that it spontaneously decomposes to gaseous hydrogen regardless of what you do, which makes me sad, but seems in line with Nature’s endless litany of rules apparently designed to keep us from solving complex problems with a simple solution.

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