What (trivial) knowledge might save your life one day?

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What (trivial) knowledge might save your life one day?. Are You guys own that kind of query?, If do then please check the good tips right after this line:

Quicksand isn’t nearly as dangerous as it looks in movies, take proper steps, YOU CAN GET YOURSELF OUT.

First, understand that quicksand is liquefied land, if you panic and struggles, you’re creating air pockets which sucks you down. So take fast reaction but MOVE SLOWLY~

  • Always remember to relax! Drop all possible weight.
  • Bend backward or lean back with arms opened to spread your weight. The more you spread out your weight, the harder it will be to sink.
  • Once you’re on your back, you first need to get your feet unstuck by creating a larger footprint and pull up one at a time SLOWLY~ Allow yourself to float.
  • Then SLOWLY start to roll or wiggle to sides and free yourself from the grip of quicksand.
  • When your body is free of suction, SLOWLY and smoothly propel yourself backward with your arms in a sweeping motion, as if you were swimming and get yourself to the edge of the quicksand. OR move your limbs horizontally across the surface to get out and onto solid land. Whichever is closer.

Remember these steps and you will get yourself out! AGAIN~ Act quickly but move SLOWLY. Slow movements will prevent you from agitating the quicksand, prevent you from sinking deeper.

WALKING STICK: I always recommend bringing a walking stick when going hiking. You can use it to keep your balance, prop up your pack, push aside spider webs, AND… use it to test the ground in front of you!

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