What should I do to improve my coding skills?

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What should I do to improve my coding skills?. Are You mate own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the best solution below:

You need to learn about interviewing, and get some practice and feedback on your coding skills to succeed.

Basic facts of programming careers

Let’s start by considering a few basic facts.

  • Computer Science is supposed to teach you the math and science of software. It isn’t a trade school to teach you programming.
  • Employers don’t expect you to graduate school and know how to build large projects by yourself right away.
  • Once you have a job, you will specialize in a few algorithms or one subject area and can ignore the rest.
  • Actual work in a programming career requires teamwork, communication, project management, decision-making skills, and persistence. It isn’t just raw programming ability and knowledge of algorithms.

Learn about interviewing

So it seems you are having senior-year anxiety and trying to add some last-minute polish to your skills. That’s understandable.

You’ve done some programming. You’ve watched some tutorials. And you’re looking for what’s next.

One thing you ought to do is brush up your interviewing skills. Get a book on how to pass programming interviews and what they typically contain. Why is that important? Because you need to have a clear idea of what exactly it is you are preparing for.

Interviews rarely ask you to demonstrate that you are a top coder. They just ask you to pass some basic programming quizzes or write simple code. They want you to show that you have any kind of coding ability at all. And still a lot of recent graduates fail because they were too light in actual coding.

Get some feedback

Tutorials are OK, but the problem with tutorials is that they don’t give any feedback so you don’t know if you learned anything.

So what you need is feedback, or someone to evaluate your code. You can:

  • Get someone, like a professor, teaching assistant, or advanced fellow student to review your code and tell you how to improve it. If they are a good programmer, they can suggest improvements to style and method.
  • Take some online programming challenges, like HackerRank, CodeForces, and TopCoder. You will be solving actual small problems with frequent feedback on your success. That’s good training.

Learning on the job

Then you should be ready to pass a coding interview and get a job. You will learn far more programming on the job than you ever did in school. The reason is that you’ll be working full-time on actual coding problems on large projects on the job. So experience will be your best teacher.

Good luck!

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