What should I do after buying a new moto g4 plus?

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What should I do after buying a new moto g4 plus?. Are You sir & mam has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz get the good feedback below this line:

Hi, thanks for A2A.

Congrats for picked a smartphone smartly. Some tasks need to be done in smartphone after it has been bought.

  1. After you got, charge your phone upto 100%
  2. Check it whether it gets overheated when you charge. Because turbo charging will produce slight heat but thats not a problem.
  3. First import contacts from google account.
  4. Then set calendar settings and note important events in calendar.
  5. Insert memory card into the phone.
  6. Import songs from memory card to play music app.
  7. Insert headphone and hear a song so that you can check whether it is working or not.
  8. Just check the response of the touch screen.
  9. Just have a look on apps that came with phone.
  10. Note down the apps you need to install and apps for replacement.
  11. Go to playstore.
  12. Enter into settings, and disable auto update of apps.
  13. Download apps.
  14. Change the storage of the apps to memory card if it is possible ( Some apps cannot be moved) in order to increase the internal space.
  15. Check for OS updates. If it is available update it.
  16. Set fingerprint lock. This will help you in payment times for security assurance.
  17. Download ES file explorer for file management and to set favorite ringtone.
  18. Set battery saver features as you want.
  19. Restrict apps running in background.
  20. Change the media storage to SD card.

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