What makes Pluto's orbit around the Sun so unusual?

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What makes Pluto's orbit around the Sun so unusual?. Do You sir has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz check the good feedback right after this line:

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Pluto takes 248 years to complete a single orbit around the sun. It has a stretched orbit that puts it on a completely different plane from the other planets.

This creates an amazing spectacle. During most of its orbit, Pluto is frozen, consisting of ice and rock, but as it gets closer to the sun, it warms up. When this happens, the frozen ices (water, CO2, CO, CH4) on the surface of Pluto evaporate, and a fog begins to form above the surface. The fog gets thicker and then you get thick clouds, and suddenly, you have an entire atmosphere that wasn’t there before, which is thickest when pluto is closest to the sun. As it heads back to deep space, the temperature drops 400 degrees below zero,  and it begins to snow flakes of frozen nitrogen and methane. This results in what is essentially a frozen layer of atmosphere on Pluto's surface.

We know that Pluto's orbit is inclined by something like 17 degrees and is highly elliptical, giving it the orbital shape of a stretched circle and putting it in a different plane than the other planets. As far as why this is the case, why it has an inclined orbit, I'm not sure that we know this with any kind of certainty. It could be through interactions with Neptune due to Pluto's low mass.

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