What is the smartest thing your cat has ever done?

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What is the smartest thing your cat has ever done?. Do You Mrs or Mr own this kind of problem?, If yes then plz check the solution below:

One of my cats was a genius. Brilliant little asshole. The stories I have of him are numerous.

  • When he got trapped in my mother’s room, he’d yowl in the shower because it was louder and echoed through the house.
  • When we got the puppy, he moved a water glass on the counter six inches to the left so he could dump it on her kennel
  • He regularly opened cabinet doors in search of treats.
  • He could also open zip top baggies to get at the catnip. We eventually moved all the cat treats and catnip to metal jars he couldn’t open or break.
  • He lured a visiting dog over to the counter before pushing a gravy boat onto her head.
  • He once tricked our other cat into running into a cabinet, and then managed to lock him in.
  • He could open doors with doorknobs instead of handles.
  • He knew how to turn on computers. I used a screen saver that he enjoyed batting at, and he somehow figured out if you turn on the magic box, the bubbles will show up to chase.
  • He knew the difference between left and right hands, and figured out who was left and right handed. He’d then sit on the non-dominant arm so he could get better scratches.

He died in September of being a 19-year-old cat. If there is a heaven, then he’s up there playing tricks on God.

The asshole in question:

The asshole being an asshole:

I miss that cat so much.

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