What is the saddest thing a child has said to you?

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What is the saddest thing a child has said to you?. Do You Mrs or Mr has this kind of concern?, If yes then plz found the best solution below this line:

It wasn’t said to me, but it was still heartbreaking. One of the clients at the ministry was a little girl who came from a very broken home, a father in prison and a mother who was quite ill, and she was basically surviving emotionally on her own. And the kids would torment her in school, putting the articles about her father on her desk and teasing her.

All the stress would give her agonizing stomach aches. She never talked about the suffering, but one day, she collapsed in pain. The doctor asked why she didn’t speak up sooner so she could have gotten help and the little girl said “I didn’t want to bother my mother, she has enough problems.”

The doctor cried. Everyone cried.

EDIT: The young lady in question is fine. She’s still pretty scarred by the bullying, and it has hurt her in a lot of ways, she’s still catching up emotionally to her peers, but she is doing very well in life and is quite happy and content. She has read all the comments, and while she prefers to remain anonymous (this was written with permission) she thanks everyone who wrote.

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