What is the most interesting scientific fact?

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What is the most interesting scientific fact?. Are You guys has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz get the best solution right after this line:

The Decoy Effect :

This one is not an uncommon fact, but I have seen a lot of people fall for it, me included…
It’s a strategy that is often used by marketers to increase sales…

Imagine a scenario where you go have come to watch a movie by yourself. You want to buy some popcorn.

Scenario 1:

At the popcorn stall , you notice that the popcorn bucket comes in two sizes, large and small. The large one is too big, and small one is not enough for you…The large costing 7 dollars, and the small costing 3 dollars…Which one would you go for?

Most people would go for the small bucket, they might even spend 6 dollars and buy two small buckets if they feel the quantity to be insufficient, but rarely will one go for the large bucket, because the large bucket costs way too much.

Scenario 2:

This time, the popcorn stall has 3 choices for you…a small size, a medium size, and a large size costing as follows:

Which one would you choose?

This time, a staggering number of people would buy the large size…because they see a medium size, costing them 6.5 dollars, and a much larger one costing them only 50 cents more.
You are not more hungrier, neither are you more richer, but the medium sized bucket has persuaded you to buy the one which the seller wants you to buy, because you felt you were getting a better deal !

This is called the Decoy effect. You can see how it works at malls where they put up sales. Buy 2 at the price of 1 or buy 1 at 30% off…and they know you are going to buy 2 jeans and spend 1000 bucks, than buy 1 and spend 700…because , well, you are getting two at the price of one! And the funny thing is you might not even need a jeans !

Courtesy: Brain Games, Power of Persuasion

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