What is the difference between an engineer and a mathematician?

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What is the difference between an engineer and a mathematician?. Do You mister or misses own this kind of concern?, If yes then plz get the best solution right after below:

Kyle Ivoy

I had a calculus professor who really liked to say jokes out of the blue. Usually they were pretty random and the class felt forced to laugh.

But I remember one regarding the mathematician and the engineer (since he's a mathematician teaching an engineering class).

A mathematician and an engineer walks into a bar. There was a dating event going on and they were both single as expected. So they decided to participate.

A bartender introduced them into a room with a very hot girl standing on the other side across the room. The participants and the hot girl were separated by a distance of exactly 50 meters.

The participants are allowed to go for the girl. Needless to say that both men were excited. But there's only one restriction.

The first period of distance one can travel is half of the total distance, and afterwards one can only travel half of the previous distance each time.

Upon hearing the rule, the mathematician left the room instantly without hesitation. The engineer asked why.

"That's impossible", the mathematician grunted, "its just an infinite geometric series, right? I will never be able to reach her in a finite amount of time."

The engineer smiled.

"Well, I don't really care. After a finite number of steps I would be close enough to her for all practical purposes."

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