What is the craziest thing you've done in public?

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What is the craziest thing you've done in public?. Do You misses or mister has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please get the good soution right after this line:

Chuck Rogers

I can think of a couple of “crazy” things I have done in public, but they pale in comparison to most people. Here is my favorite:

Ordering Pizza from a Plane

It was 20–25 years ago. I was on a plane at the gate in New Orleans, waiting to fly to New York. We were on ground delay due to storms on the east coast. They said we could deplane, but if the pilot got clearance to leave we would be left behind. After about 4 hours I couldn’t stand it — I was hungry. So I picked up the in-seat phone and called directory assistance and asked to be connected to the Dominos Pizza closest to the New Orleans Airport.

I ordered a large pizza.

They asked the address and I said something like “American Airlines Flight 999, Gate 6C, Seat 20C” (or whatever it was). At first, the guy taking the order thought it was a joke. Then he put his manager on the phone, who was reluctant to send a delivery person to the plane. (Keep in mind this was before 911 and people who weren’t flying were still allowed to go directly to the gate.) I explained there would be a sizable tip involved, that the pizza would be paid for even if it couldn’t be delivered (everything was on a credit card), and that the delivery person would have a great story to tell.

The pizza got delivered.

At first I noticed some commotion in the front of the plane, by the door. The flight attendant was acting confused and looking back in my direction. I knew my pizza had arrived. As the pizza guy walked towards my seat (which was towards the back of the plane) everybody turned heads to watch him go down the aisle — you would have thought he was the most beautiful bride who ever walked down the aisle at a wedding. As he delivered the pizza (and got a $20 tip), I immediately had people offering me money for slices.

I didn’t intend to sell any, but hey — profit is profit. So I sold the first couple of slices for $5 then refused to sell another. Then someone offered me $10. So I sold a couple more. The next to the last slice went for $25, but I kept the last slice for myself. I ended up making a little money on the deal.

I am also pretty sure the only reason the guy got on the plane was because there were no policies in place that prevented him from doing so. Of course, this never would work today because the delivery person would never be able to get past TSA.

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