What is the answer to a question you don't know in an interview?

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What is the answer to a question you don't know in an interview?. Are You Mr or Mrs own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please found the solution right after below:

There is one simple phrase that empowers you to admit what you don’t know during an interview.

I come from a programming background, but I’ll explain the strategy through an example from a typical interview.

Say you’re interviewing for a new technical position…everything is going well, the flow of the conversation between the hiring manager and you is incredibly smooth, and you feel like you’re knocking it out of the park. Then, all of a sudden, the interviewer hits you with the dreaded question:

“Do you have experience with X?”

If you don’t have experience with X, which of course you don’t, that’s why the hiring manager happened to ask you about it, then you might think that you have two options at your disposal.

Option 1 – Lie and say that you have skills that you don’t have

Interviewer: “Do you have experience with X?”

You: “Yes, I do. Um, I have a ton of experience with X. I worked with X a ton during my last job and I got really good at it!”

This is a bad idea for a number of reasons. First, good interviewers are trained to read candidates and understand if what they are saying is genuine. The moment that you come off as untrustworthy, you’ll earn yourself a one-way ticket to rejection. Second, even if you fool the interviewer into believing your story and end up getting hired, you’ll soon be exposed…probably fired for overstating your skills. Don’t lie, it’s never a good idea.

Option 2 – Plainly say “no” and admit what you don’t know

Interviewer: “Do you have experience with X?”

You: “No, I don’t have experience with X. [extremely awkward silence]”

This is almost just as bad as option 1. The interviewer may not expect you to say yes, but they also don’t want you to say “no” flat out. If someone asks you if you have skill with a specific technology and you say no, it creates a pretty awkward ending to the conversation on that topic. Don’t just say no, it’s also a bad idea.

There’s a 3rd option that you should have in your back pocket.

Option 3 – Use the most important interview phrase: “No, But….”

Interviewer: “Do you have experience with X?

You: “No, but I do have experience with Y. I’ve looked into X briefly, and it seems to be pretty similar to Y, which I got really good at during my last position. There appear to be a lot of common principles between X and Y, which I find pretty fascinating.”

This powerful, but simple technique does a great job communicating 4 key things:

  • It shows that you’re honest. You might not have experience with everything out there. Nobody does. Being honest about what you don’t know makes the interviewer trust you when you talk about things that you do know.
  • It proves that even though you’re not an expert at a particular topic, it’s not going to be a problem.
  • It allows you to refocus the interview on the topic that matters the most: the things that you do know and have a lot of experience with.
  • It demonstrates a certain level of confidence with your ability to learn new skills. These days, the ability to learn new things is often more important than your current skill-set.

You’ll become a better interviewer when you figure out this very important skill: the ability to use the power of “no, but…” to control the narrative and focus the conversation on your strongest attributes. By directing the flow of the conversation, you’ll also increase your own self confidence, which will lead to a better interview.

So remember, don’t say yes. And don’t just say no. Say, “No, But…”

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