What is something you like without any reason?

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What is something you like without any reason?. Do You sir has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz get the answer below:

Oversized drinking straws.

This isn’t something I share with people often because it’s bizarre.

I go to Starbucks pretty frequently. I like going inside because they don’t hand you a straw with your drink; there’s just a container nearby of straws.

There are two sizes— a small size and a large size.

I always get a medium drink, which should require a small straw.


I always go for the large size. They’re not any wider; just taller. It sticks up from my drink cup several inches more than it should, and quite frankly, I look a little ridiculous.

But I’m so happy.

I’m sitting in my car, stabbing myself in the face with my drinking straw because I keep missing my mouth.

I’m just so content, and I can’t explain why.

I don’t really like straws that are extra wide; I’ll use them if they’re the largest option, but I don’t prefer them. I just like really tall straws.

Tall bendy straws?

Even better.

We have a bunch of super large bendy straws at my house for some reason, and I use them for everything. Our drinking glasses are not nearly big enough for them, but that’s perfectly fine. I don’t care.

I just love my giant drinking straws.

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