What is preventing the Indian army from attempting a coup like that of the Turkish army?

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What is preventing the Indian army from attempting a coup like that of the Turkish army?. Are You mam and sir own that kind of concern?, If do then plz check the best feedback right after this line:

The massive diversity of India and strength of the institutions.

India as a nation is too diverse for dictatorship or tyranny. If you put 10 Indians in a room there will be 20 different opinions. That is a setup that would frustrate any army. India has always been ruled through a sort of consensus of multiple communities. Democracy has not been accident, but a core element that India cannot live without.

In fact, India’s key element has always been submission without submission. Indians would look to overtly submit but never plan to give up their core traditions. The Turkic rulers and Europeans found this to their chagrin. If any army general takes over India, he would be so frustrated about dealing with all the different Indian communities. The Tamils, northeasterners, Punjabis and other cultures will demand their own representation.

Most importantly, coups often happen when the government becomes too rotten and goes against the fundamental principles of the state. For instance, Turkish President Erdogen has been purging the Kemalist leaders and looking to reset the secular state that Kemal Ataturk built. That is why the Army believed they had a cause to go for a coup.

Indian leaders are not going against the Constitution and if there comes a time when an Indian Prime Minister is completely flouting the Constitution/fundamental principles of the nation, there are so many other backup mechanisms to fight before the Army gets tempted to clean up.

Finally, Indian political leaders carefully engineered the Army leadership to make it coup resistant. Here are some of the structural protections:

  1. Having the army mostly populated by minorities. If Indian army has mostly Sikhs, Gurkhas, Kumoans it is not an accident. It is by design. Since 1857, Indian army was engineered to recruit mostly these loyal minorities. These minorities would find it very hard to rule the majority community.
  2. Having the army chief recruited from a community different than most of the armed forces. For instance, until recently Indian political leadership completely prevented any Sikh person from becoming the Chief of Army staff fearing that this person might have too much influence in the Army.
  3. Frequently changing the Chief of Army Staff. The highest role of the Army is shifted once in 2 years. No one is allowed to settle for too long.
  4. Not having the role of a Chief of Defence Staff. That role is sort of managed by a civil servant than a defense person. Political leadership never wanted a single military person to have a very powerful role.

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