What is one thing that often ruins Quora for you?

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What is one thing that often ruins Quora for you?. Are You Mr or Mrs has that kind of query?, If do then plz read the tips right after this line:

I wrote a quick little piece about an incident years ago, and it has over 12k upvotes.

I wrote a humorous piece about Trump and Paris Hilton, and it is closing on 10k upvotes.

A funny answer about Wun Wun from Game of Thrones passes 1k upvotes the day after I wrote it.

I wrote about blood depiction in Hollywood movies and it is over 8k upvotes.

A few sentences about pyramids in Mexico? Over 4k upvotes.

A well written, well researched piece drawing on a lifetime of experience and education on a subject I am deeply passionate about? 3 weeks after I finish, it finally gets its one (and only) upvote on about 20 views total. Yay!

I’m thinking maybe I should just write about cats and Game of Thrones characters from here on out.

I sometimes wish there was a way we could provide some sort of promotion boost to answers we are very passionate about. A return to something like the “promote” function that used to exist so we could occasionally spend some of our built up Quora capital on something that means a lot to us.

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