What is it like to be discreetly wealthy?

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What is it like to be discreetly wealthy?. Are You mate has that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz check the best feedback below:

A close friend of mine is a member of a family with a $30Bn+ fortune. Given the level of their wealth, they are mildly famous, particularly in Europe. They enjoy their money and have some serious assets, but the discretion and privacy they exercise is incredible.

For example one member of the family lives in a London home, which when they bought it was the most expensive house ever sold in London (the third most expensive city in the world). Its garden is the second largest in London – the first is Buckingham Palace – the primary residence of Her Majesty the Queen. However, this is what it looks like when you walk past …

this is what it looks like from above, (this is in one of the most expensive parts of central London):

They regularly travel by train and walk through town without security with complete anonymity. Their children didn’t go to Eton College. They don’t fly in great big private jets with their family name painted on the side (a certain american aspiring politician springs to mind). They don’t use private banks. They generally avoid the opulent clichés and are just as comfortable in a high street chain restaurant as a Michelin Star restaurant.

I have met a number of wealthy people who are a bit screwed up about their privilege, but whilst this family has its problems, which are unfortunately well documented across the newspapers and internet, they are extraordinarily down to earth and charming people. If you didn’t know better you wouldn’t guess about their background.

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