What is Dushka Zapata’s advice for single people?

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What is Dushka Zapata’s advice for single people?. Are You mate has that kind of concern?, If yes then please read the good feedback below:

I stay away from giving advice, in particular when I have no context for the person (or people) receiving it.

“Single people” is a very broad category, so broad that it applies to every human on the planet at one point or another.

Our relationship status – single, coupled, decoupled, or otherwise – does not ever define us.

It’s like an add-on, not who we are.

It’s for all these reasons that I find this question unanswerable.

Here is the advice I give myself: learn how to be happy now. Right now with what you have and what you don’t, whatever that is.

Waiting for anything outside of me to make me happy – for tomorrow to come, for the project to end, for another job, the right man, when my haircut grows out, when I lose a pound, when Friday rolls around – means I will always be waiting for something.

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