What is a non-political opinion you have that is likely very unpopular?

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What is a non-political opinion you have that is likely very unpopular?. Are You sir & mam own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz check the good soution right after this line:

Jake Williams

Ooh, let's see

  1. Violence is sometimes the answer- if you're being attacked, bullied, or threatened, I think the best solution is to send someone's teeth down their throat.
  2. Your occupation doesn't automatically make you better than anyone else- yes, doctors and soldiers generally are good people, but not all of them are. Trust me, I've met enough squaddies to know a lot of them are dicks. Just because someone does good doesn't make them an awesome person, though you should respect people who can do what most of us probably can't.
  3. Free speech means free speech- this is one I've flip-flopped a lot on, I think some of my earlier answers will say that I think some speech should be banned, but as of now I don't think that there is anything anyone can say (short of special cases like ‘FIRE’ in a movie theatre) that should be illegal. Don't know if this counts as political or not.
  4. Thinking you're a good person, or being ‘polite’, doesn't make you a good person- whoopty fucking doo, you smiled at a homeless person. Maybe next time put a coin in his hat, or even better volunteer at a homeless shelter, and then you can say you made the world a better place. I get that some people can't do much to help, financial and even physical restraints get in the way, but believe me a like’ on Facebook is literally no better than nothing.
  5. It's okay to say good things about yourself- people constantly beat themselves over their own heads with how much they suck, and everyone else is so much better than them. Just go to Twitter, you'll find a million people (usually my age) bullying themselves complaining about how they suck at everything. ‘Thank you’ is no longer an acceptable response to compliments, and instead everyone is expected to say ‘oh no, I'm actually the worst person ever to live, I suck at this.’ Screw that. You're awesome at whatever it is you're awesome at, own that shit.
  6. About half of people who say they're depressed, aren't- oh dear lord I can feel the unfollows from here. Hear me out. Depression is a very serious, very medical experience controlled mainly by biochemistry and occasionally traumatic events. The number of people who claim their own depression was solved by motivational quotes and positive thinking says to me they've never truly gone through the agonising experience themselves. In fact, I'm going to stick my own hand up here and say that I, in all likelihood, was never depressed, despite my belief I was. Sure I went through tough shit for a few years that fundamentally changed who I was, but the more I understand clinical depression the more I come to believe what I went through wasn't it. So when I say I'm skeptical that someone who says they were unhappy for several months, but fixed it by going on Tumblr and looking at kitten photos is depressed, believe me I have good basis. Depression is a serious issue, and I think that some people subtract and make light of that when they claim that a brief period of sadness is the same as years, or even a lifetime, of struggling.

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