What does Balaji Vishwanathan think about death of 60+ people due to demonetisation?

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What does Balaji Vishwanathan think about death of 60+ people due to demonetisation?. Are You sir & mam own this kind of concern?, If do then plz read the best feedback right after this line:

Many of those deaths reflect India’s fundamental problems and it is sad that rather than looking at those problems we have conveniently laid the blames on one scheme.

For instance, look at this video and it is gruesome to me.

A poor man has collapsed and the people around do business as though nothing happened. Modi didn’t kill him. The man could have collapsed in any queue that people stand everyday. The man was killed by the bystander’s apathy – of people’s inaction. Had anyone given the man some water and first aid, maybe the man could have been saved.

Such things are quite routine for us and happen everyday – on days where people rush to ATMs and on days when nothing happens.

Key issues:

  1. Bystander apathy. Years of police harassment have put the good samaritans out of action. Although the courts have ruled in favor of the samaritans, the old fears persist. Towards a law for Good Samaritans
  2. Absence of civic conscience. India is a land where people clean their homes daily but keep the streets dirty. In the developed countries it is the opposite. We don’t really act together for the common community’s sake.
  3. Absence of proper emergency assistance. It takes a long time for many victims to get their due assistance. The first few minutes are the most crucial and those are lost.
  4. Absence of crowd control mechanisms. In the developed countries, people are trained to manage crowds and taught escape routes. In India, escape routes in buildings are openly flouted leading up to stampedes.
  5. Absence of proper building codes & common sense. A few deaths occurred when heavy crowds gathered on bank balconies and leaned over the walls.
  6. Absence of proper psychological counseling. India is the world’s suicide capital and rather than making mental health a national issue we merely think of it as a farming issue or an occasional issue of Amma getting sick or Modi doing demonetization. A person committed suicide because he was not able to withdraw money from the ATM in 2 trips. While it is definitely painful to wait in ATM queues, surely a life is more precious than that and there is very likely a cause far deeper than ATM frustration. Everyday hundreds die of suicide in India.
  7. Absence of proper financial inclusion. Only with the demonetization many suddenly realized that plenty are out of banking networks. Is not the fundamental problem involve equitable access to banking resources?

The problem is that the educated masses are not interested in policies and real problems. We try to look for quick scapegoats to blame. While the demonetization implementation has been less than ideal, a deeper look at the deaths caused show some of the fundamental problems that we suffer. And such deaths have been occurring everyday.

If we put emphasis on those fundamental issues and push our governments to solve them, we can really avoid thousands of avoidable deaths that occur every year.

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