What do you hate the most about your body?

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What do you hate the most about your body?. Do You mister or misses has that kind of problem?, If yes then plz check the answer right after this line:

My mom tried to get pregnant for years before she got pregnant with me.

She claims that the first time I got a mosquito bite she cried for a week.

I brought this absolutely flawless baby into the world, she says, and now it had a blemish, however infinitesimal.

I’ve done quite a bit to myself since then. I have hurt nearly every part of me, broken bones, torn tendons, pulled out splinters, experienced abrasions and cuts and scrapes and suffered countless times from every form of heartbreak.

I’ve seen gaping, bleeding cuts close up and turn to scars and then for the most part disappear.

I shattered my arm in a car accident. Back then the doctor said I could lose it.

I do handstands now.

My arm and I, inverted, wink at each other.

I have heard like a whip, merciless, the sound of my heart crack clean. It was so bad, this blow, that I am pretty sure it’s still broken.

And yet, it loves.

Just a couple of weeks ago I experienced a spell of vertigo so severe I silently wondered if life would ever be the same. I stumbled around for days, unable to get from my couch to my kitchen.

How is it that I ever stood upright?

I wrote lying on my back holding my phone as I tried not to throw up.

Today in yoga I tentatively flung my head into forward folds and even ventured into a shaky forearm stand.

I love every millimeter, every cell of this body. It fills me with wonder. It’s more resilient than I am.

It’s nothing short of miraculous.

But, perhaps more importantly, where else would I put me?

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