What caused the 2014 Netflix Summary Bug?

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What caused the 2014 Netflix Summary Bug?. Are You sir own that kind of question?, If do then plz read the tips below this line:

Douglas Green

Look closely at the screenshots of the issue. Before the last line, there are several lower pieces of letters that have been drawn wrong and cut off. So what appears to be happening is a screen draw issue when the screen is not being properly refreshed. The user is paging forward, and part of the previous text is still being seen on the current page. In each case that I saw, most of the lines were from one movie, then you have bits of cut off letters, then the last line was from a different movie.

However, there may be more than one bug. A lot of the movie descriptions on the Summary Bug (@SummaryBug) | Twitter account look just plain wrong. So those may be descriptions that were just pulled completely from the wrong movie.

None of the issues seem to involve a text mixing problem, though. I agree that it’s hard to imagine a bug where descriptions are pulled from two different movies and then mixed together on a textual level. That’s more like a screen draw bug.

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