What can I do to prevent virus from damaging my battery?

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What can I do to prevent virus from damaging my battery?. Are You mam & sir has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz check the tips right after below:

Prevent virus from damaging my battery


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You can prevent virus from damaging your battery by not exposing it to fire in the name of charging.


Since you are willing to turn off/switch off your phone to prevent battery from draining,why not try to remove the battery in time when you,re not using it specially at night and re-plug it when needed.I,m sure it is not convenient in your part but it will help you solve your problem with the battery.

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My best answer for that would be when ever you are done using the laptop for the day there should be a button on the back that will eject the battery then when you go to use it again, push the battery back in that way it will give time to cool down therfore not over heating hope this HELped A little11;3.


Keep charging it. Charge it at night while you are asleep, charge it when you aren`t using it, bring your charger everywhere so it will be fully charged up all of the time :D.


If you have an antivirus, you should start there. Common Antivirus` include Norton and MacAfee. If not, Avast has a good free version at avast.com.


Donot keep the mobile screen saver and timeout screen for longer time,disable all unused applications to save battery.


U can download the virus and comprime in zip, but you dont open the virus.


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Put it in water when it gets hot.


No marbelle821.






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