What are the social norms for Quora?

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What are the social norms for Quora?. Are You mam & sir own this kind of concern?, If do then plz found the tips right after this line:

Jake Williams

  • If you get a (I'm assuming constructive and polite) comment on one of your answers, or reply to one of your comments, then either reply to it (if you want to address something) or upvote it. Upvoting is how you say 'I agree, there is nothing else to say, so I'll leave it here'. Feel free to upvote and reply, but ultimately you don't need to upvote everything you reply to. You can't upvote messages, so when the conversation ends just stop replying, everyone understands this and won't get upset you didn't respond.
  • Only message if you have something to say or ask. 'Hi' is not an appropriate message; 'hi, I was wondering what your thoughts on…' is appropriate.
  • Only use the anon feature if you are genuinely writing or asking about something that, if you included your name, could harm you or someone else. I was just replying to an anon on the subject of theoretical physics, God knows why they couldn't include their name.
  • Don't add 'I agree with X's answer' as another answer unless you have something significant to add. Feel free to comment to show your agreement.
  • Be Nice, Be Respectful means exactly that. Don't be a dick to people, even if they act like dicks too.
  • If someone answers your question well, particularly if you A2Aed them, upvote it.
  • Please write in English. This is an actual rule but it often gets ignored. Speaking to others in a language other than English on Quora is like turning your back on the party to whisper to your friends, it's rude. If you do include something like a quote or poem that is best put in the native language it was originally made in, please place up the English translation as well.
  • If you see someone referring to themselves or others as a non gender specific pronoun, just go along with it, trying to gender someone who does not want to be gendered is just as rude as calling your mother 'him'. Similarly, if you see someone using the opposite gender pronoun than you think they should, agree with them, they know better. Come to think of it, this is true on and off Quora.
  • Keep pictures to a minimum, a lot of us are on mobile and pics eat up our data and slow our speeds.
  • If you're posting a graphic pic (either gory or sexual), add a warning and a benign pic before hand, because the first pic comes up in peoples feeds even if they don't click 'read more'
  • As always, don't talk about /b/

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