What are some lifestyle changes that save money?

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What are some lifestyle changes that save money?. Are You mam & sir has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz get the best solution right after below:

Instead of making my own coffee, I bought a latte at a cafe every day. Sometimes two.

Before this, I use to be the sort of person who goes an hour out of his way on the bus to farmers markets so I could buy my week of groceries for $25 (compared to $100 at Safeway/Kroger next door). Then I would spend the week eating very affordable home-cooked meals in a very affordably priced apartment I spent two months searching for. Free gym in the basement. I started my mornings with a passable cup of coffee brewed at home, costing about $0.30-$0.50 per cup. Over a year, I spent the least I could and stayed at home and probably pocketed a comfortable $6000-8000+. That was me.

Then I changed.

I started going to cafes and ordering a quad-shot latte, always including at least a dollar of tip and occasionally two. This came out to $6.50-7.50 per cup in the morning and I often got another later in the day too. I maybe averaged $10-11 per day for lattes at coffee shops.

I went to Blue Bottle and Red Rock in the SF Bay Area and Vivace in Seattle. I made sure to learn my baristas’ names and chatted with them, made jokes, and asked them about the fun happenings in their lives. They always made me smile. They knew me and knew my order and occasionally gave me free ones too. I would sit down, sometimes with a delicious $5 raspberry pound cake.

All in all, I probably spent an average of $12 extra dollars per day that year, totaling to over $4000 on just coffee and treats.

Wait, this question was about saving money, right?

Okay, so one day, I went by the cafe after failing an interview with a major venture capital fund. My startup was failing. I was burned out. My cofounder was pretty beat too. We had crunched 100+ hours every week for weeks straight and then slipped up at some pretty basic things. Very justified feedback, very justified rejection. I thought we lost our startup then, and my face probably looked like I got hit by a truck.

“Aaron, what’s wrong? You look like you got hit by a fucking truck, ” one of the baristas offered.

“Ah, umm, I screwed up bad at an important interview. I don’t think we’ll get the funding my startup needs to continue.”

And then came his million dollar response.

“Hey, you know what? I have a couple of friends who are pretty successful angel investors. I think they’ll like you. Let me introduce you guys.”

That was the first really nice day in a long time. But that wasn’t the only winning day that year.

During my time working at cafes, I met dozens upon dozens of new people. Some also regulars, some who I may never see again, and some who I am still friends with to this day. One of them taught me how to start playing with an Arduino. Another taught me about game design and how to create joy though interactions. Another one of them ended up taking me on adventures, stayed with me during a really tough part of my life, and ultimately changed my life in a great positive way. Before meeting her, I would have never left the country. After, I backpacked alone through parts of SE Asia and Europe.

On another evening, I saw a teenage girl carrying her younger brother to the medical clinic across the street from the cafe. He was in a lot of pain. She was terrified. But it was late, and the clinic was closed. I dropped everything I was doing, ran across the street, helped them find an open hospital on my phone, and sent them on an Uber. The Uber ride cost me about $20. Absolutely worth it.


Listen to the other answers here too. There are some great answers. Definitely ask for water at restaurants instead of soda. Learn to remortgage your house. Don’t buy a Rolex or a Porche just to impress others.

But also, figure out the important things. The important things to you. I counted up all the thousands of dollars I was once saving by living a spartan lifestyle, and I had no idea what I was saving for. What was the point of all that money? It was to eventually buy value. I realized that I could save even more money by just going after the value directly. So maybe that now means friendships and learning – the value of a true education in the world. Maybe it now means alleviating someone else a bit of pain and fear when they were having a really bad day. Maybe it now means potentially saving my business and saving all the sleepless nights and sacrifices and money that we poured into it.

Just because of a great cup of latte every day.

And tip. Make sure to tip.

And truly smile back too.

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