What are some interesting facts about tennis?

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What are some interesting facts about tennis?. Are You sir and mam own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please check the answer below:

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1. When Roger Federer denied for the selfie

After winning a match in French Open in 2015, a fan jumped on the ground to take a selfie with Roger. Roger was walking out the ground when he saw that fan running after him so he asked him not to take selfie. But then also his fan didn't stop and he forcefully holds his hand and took selfie. After this, Roger got angry on his fan.

2. When match got stopped after seeing a crying mother

Nadal is known for his aggressive nature on the grounds, but during one match he has shown his different side which was really heartwarming. During the match, a woman lost her daughter so she started crying and finding her. Nadal saw that scene and requested to stop the match. The match continued when that woman got her daughter back.

3. When hair got tangled with racket

This funny incident happened during the US Open Tournament in the year 2014. Hair of beautiful tennis star of Denmark, Caroline Wozniacki got tangled with racket in the middle of the match but after this unwanted situation, match did not stopped and she continued to play with tangled hair.

4. When guards threw a fan out of the ground

During French Open Tournament, a match between Roger Federer and Robin Soderling was going on then a fan suddenly jumped into the tennis ground along with a towel. This fan wanted to wipe the sweat of Roger and make him wear a cap. Roger got panic with this incident so the ground guards threw this fan out of the ground.

5. Tennis player appeared in the movie

Former tennis player Andy Roddick is known for hitting fastest smash in tennis till 2012. In 2004 Davis Cup Tennis Tournament he served his smash with whooping speed of 249 kmph (155 mph). In 2011, Roddick made a cameo appearance in the Adam Sandler's comedy film Just Go With It with his real-life wife Brooklyn Decker.

6. Fastest recorded tennis serves

Category: Men

Samuel Groth (Sam Groth) of Australia has record for hitting fastest smash in tennis with a speed of 263.4 kmph (163.7 mph) at Busan Open Challenger Tennis Tournament in 2012.

Category: Woman

Sabine Lisicki of Germany holds the record of serving fastest smash in tennis at 2014 Stanford Classic Tournament. Sabine served a ball with a speed of 210.8 kmph (131.0 mph).

7. Stabbed tennis player

On April 30, 1993, top-ranked tennis player of Yugoslavia, Monica Seles was stabbed during a match by a fan of rival player Steffi Graf. During match break, a fan ran down from the stands and stabbed her with a nine-inch knife. She was quickly rushed to a hospital. Although her physical injuries took only few weeks to heal, she did not return to competitive tennis for more than two years.

8. Shortest match in tennis history

In April 1946, Jack Harper lost a single point when he defeated J Sandford 6–0, 6–0 at the Surrey Open Hard Court Championship in a match that lasted 18 minutes, the shortest singles match on record.

9. Youngest player ever to win a Wimbledon title

Boris Becker is the youngest player ever to win a Wimbledon title. He is also the only unseeded player in history to win the prestigious title. He was 17 years old in 1985 when he won it.

10. Oldest player in professional tennis singles now

Category: Men

Ivo Karlovic of Croatia is currently the oldest man in professional tennis at age 37. Karlovic is 211 cm (6 ft 11 in) tall.

Category: Woman

Japanese tennis player, Kimiko Date-Krumn is 46 years old. After playing in her second Olympic Games, she announced her retirement on 24 September 1996. She returned to tennis nearly 12 years later, announcing an unexpected comeback in April 2008.

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