What are some cringy examples of human cruelty?

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What are some cringy examples of human cruelty?. Do You mam has this kind of question?, If yes then please read the good feedback right after below:

A Chinese rural family had a girl.

They named her “招弟”, which in Chinese means “summon boy”.

And there have been fewer and fewer needles in the house since she was born.

This is not just one incident. It’s a superstition that some villagers in extremely underdeveloped and remote regions of China actually believe, that if you kill a girl in the family with needles, the next one you have is going to be a boy.

The one-child policy in way, added to this situation, because the policy doesn’t allow you to have a second child unless the first one dies, but the policy isn’t to blame for this. Because these people, even if there wasn’t a policy or limit, they can do this simply because they want a boy in the family, because they believe that by stabbing the baby girl with needles they can scare the female “soul” away from the family.

Every time I think about this I get furious as I can almost hear those female babies crying in pain unable to ask for help or comprehend why this is happening to them. And the fact that this is still happening is highly disturbing and sad. When I searched online I saw that the latest case reported happened less than a few months ago and there are so many unreported ones. It also makes me cringe at just what kind of evil humans can be capable of.

If you are a Chinese speaker, here’s a links for you to verify the authenticity of this:

南方周末 – 【深度】扎针女婴:亲人为什么成了容嬷嬷?

Edit: To avoid misunderstandings, I want to point out in the cases reported, the police all carried out thorough investigations and the people who are convicted all got the punishment they deserved. The point of this answer isn’t to smear the government. It’s about human cruelty.

Edit 2: The reason for edit one was made clear, to avoid misunderstandings, not because the big brother is going to “get” me if I don’t, geez.

Edit 3: So far in the comment section I have a group of my fellow Chinese Quorans saying my answer is adding to the bias and misconceptions people have about China and Chinese government, and another group of people saying I’m trying to paint my government in holy robes. I’ve made clear, again and again, that the point of this answer is about human cruelty and not about any political ideologies, as is the point of question itself. But I’m one of those people that just can’t stand it when people twist my words. So if I see another comment like that I’m just going to delete it. My apologies.

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