We cannot get our channels after having the recr off for 3 months. how do we restart the service?

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We cannot get our channels after having the recr off for 3 months. how do we restart the service?. Are You mam has that kind of query?, If yes then plz read the good feedback right after this line:

Why do we not have our channels now


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You have to check about the contract that you signed before when you decided to get the service for any connection,since you did not broadcast what kind of service you want to cut if its a service for your mobile phone,landline or even your cable or whatever kind of service must let the company informed as soon as possible in able for you to have the correct information to know what are the right thing to do.

Because if you do the contract signing and declares there that if you did not finished your contract on that service might get with penalty or you still need to pay the full amount of your service lets say 1 year,so you still have to pay it.But if they can offer some other thing and they will listen about any of your complaint that`s why you don`t want this to continue,possible that they will agree.

If you really want to cut your line you have to do is call the assistance of that service center and informed them that you really want to do it as soon as possible because it still accumulating and the day is still moving.You have to ask for the clearance that you don`t have any obligation upon cutting this service.


That is a new battery right? Make sure it is charged. Worst thing to think of is that since you mentioned that the old battery is already bloated/ swelled it might have caused some damage to the components of your phone.. Better check this with a local technician.



Hi there, you may refer to your TV receivers device support page or call their support hotline with regards to channel limitations that you are receiving since you stated that your device was purchased a a few months ago.


You should first know what is making lose the channels, and ask you to search the channels again, let me know the if the problem happens again and remember to check the problem email: me kha…@gmail.com.


It depends on ur locaton and plain u have to check with the people who sold u the phone u could so have a used phone that was broke and never got fixed right bc same co do resell used phone as brane new and u will never know.


Hi. Maybe it doesn`t have any signal on those channels. Better call your cable operator and ask them about this problem.


Go to BB suite on pc choose upgrade and voila in about 30 min u will b able to free ur self from that problem.


Step 1.update your device software by following steps.






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