Was the Muslim world more secular in the 1970s than now?

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Was the Muslim world more secular in the 1970s than now?. Are You sir has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please get the best feedback right after this line:

I can speak about Somalia.

First, what comes to your mind when you think of Somalia? Wars? Famine? Islamic Fundamentalist’s intolerance? Oppressed women? Maybe, even pirates? These vintage pictures tell a history of Somalia that not many people know.

Lets go back in time….

Somali women doing military drill.

Female Fighter Pilot

Somali Prime Minister ( white hat) with his Wife ( in the yellow) at the White House 1960s.

Somali and expat children

Somali couples at a dance.

Somali woman left with her friends at the beach.

Mixed race couple

Somali woman working in a trade fair

Somali children wearing traditional clothing with their non-Somali friends, doing chores and brushing their teeth with a miswak

Woman in traditional clothing collecting sea shells from the beach.

Vintage photo of Somali women dabbing .

This was Somalia up until the 1990’s it had once been a top tourist spot for foreigners because of its had the longest coastline in Africa and spectacular beaches. It was an inviting and extremely tolerant country, even in 1960’s after their independence it created a new constitution that allowed freedom of religion (Article 29) .

The woman above is wearing traditional Somali dress which was common to see women walking around wearing.

Below are examples of the traditional dress that is worn by Somalis but now only indoors during celebrations.

After the war women had to dress more conservatively, by covering their body in a burka, wearing headscarves and sometimes, a face veil. For some it was done out of fear, for some their choice, but much of the freedom is limited. After the collapse of the government in 1990 and no protection for its people, it left people vulnerable. Many people died in the war, millions displaced as refugees, and those who couldn’t afford to leave stayed behind for what would be many years of violence and famine. The country left in chaos and the complete mercy of the extremist Wahhabi militia who forced their rule on the people by getting strongholds on many regions. After 20 years the Somali government has only recently been restored. It is rapidly rebuilding its country and making every effort to get rid of Islamic extremists and Al-Shabaab’s influence on regions.

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