Um what are some telugu movies in emoji form?

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Um what are some telugu movies in emoji form?. Do You mam & sir has this kind of problem?, If do then please read the good answer right after below:

Just different telugu films and the titles in emoji form


Answers for this question:

We live in different parts of the world and we are more comfortable to watch a movie if we completely understand what the actors are saying. Some movie discs are capable of holding several different voice tracks recorded in different languages but it`s not an assurance that any given language will be available on every movie. You can actually change the language on your own DVD player,
>go to the main menu and then choose languages or set-up.
>Press ok & select the language of your choice and choose the “enter button”

If it doesn`t help, you can also download or install a tool that will allows you to translate the languages you want


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Try this apps, I`ve been using this and I have no problems encountered. Go to google play and search and install first the handcent sms. after you install that apps, search and install the handcent emoji plugins. If that doesn`t works please let me know.


After doing research on this, I have not found any 100% application that you can use emojis in instagram.. I`ll keep on searching on this and update this post once I found it out. I too have a samsung phone and would like to utilize this emojis.



You can download the subtitle to Just search the title of the movie and play it with VLC or in your favorite video player on your PC. Be compatible both the title and subtitle movie to be able to play it in the video player.


Your phone should be capable of showing the emojis also. Check the make and model of your phone and if it needs an updated firmware or software then it should show the emojis after tthe update.


If you wish to have an telugu language in watching your movies you can download telugu subtitle format to enjoy and to understand more in your own language.


Yes you can follow the post – and you should definitely be able to get emoji on instagram.


You can search google with the movie name along with the words `telegu subtitles”. E.g “telegu subtitles for Titanic”.






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