Text messages are abearking up?

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Text messages are abearking up?. Are You Mr or Mrs has that kind of question?, If yes then please read the tips right after this line:

My group text messages are breaking up when they are coming through. how can I fix this?


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I have the same phone. #1 Go into messages, click your settings button on bottom of your phone face, then click delete all threads. This should fix it. #2Then go into settings, then applications, then manage applications, click on clear cache #3 Next go to play store and download clean master. It has a pic of a broom for the app. It cleans out all trash, cache, antivirus, phone boost..etc, so you dont have to go through all of the first steps I gave you. Def first go into messages, click settings button on bottom of phone face and click on delete threads. That step should fix it for you, if not follow steps 2 and 3.


Is it broken now?
Is it overwritten?
If this old sim card is not broken and not overwritten the original data, you do have chances to recover the text messages.
I would recommend you to apply Data Recovery to help you. You can also select iCare Data Recovery Free, which is free. They are both professional and useful in recovering your data. You can get them:



Check your call barring if its activated in outgoing calls you can`t send message so you have to deactivate it.
go to call history then call settings find call barring then outgoing calls and deactivate it.


You need to connect your phone to the computer with your usb cable and then bring up your text messages. Then all you have to do is copy it and then click on a word document and paste it. Ready for you to print.


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You can solve your problem simply by calling your network provider. Call customer service of your network provider. They will assist you and solve your problem. Hope that could help.


You need to install `Go SMS Pro` app. Open that software and delete the messages with long threads. This should resolved the issue. It worked for me 🙂






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