Skype calling hope you can help me?

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Skype calling hope you can help me?. Are You Mrs or Mr own this kind of inquiry?, If do then please check the good soution below this line:

Why my calls dosent go throug to my boyfriend but if i tried to calls to others people in my contact list my calls are good and it go and it ringing does he do something so that my boyfriend has a way not to recieve my call?


Answers for this question:

It could mean that or it could mean that they have declined the call because they don`t want to talk at that time.


Yes if the is access to skype there is a web-cam,either the one installed or one connected to the aspire.


I`m not sure whats your problem try uninstalling it and download the latest version.


It means they are talking to someone or they have declined.


Why dont you just get a new one if it cant ring or vibrate?






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