My Redmi note 3’s battery doesn’t last as long as I expected from a 4000mah battery. How can I check does it really have 4000mah better or not?

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My Redmi note 3’s battery doesn’t last as long as I expected from a 4000mah battery. How can I check does it really have 4000mah better or not?. Are You sir has this kind of question?, If yes then please read the good feedback below this line:

Hi, thanks for A2A.

Battery backup of any phone doesn’t fully depends on the capacity of battery only. It also depends on the smartphone how much power it consumes from battery and the user who is using it for many reasons. Merely blaming a battery is not enough to judge the capacity of battery.

Simply said, you can use a phone with 1500mAh capacity for 2 days whereas you could drain the battery of a phone with 4000mAh battery within a day. All it depends on user only. How much time user spending a phone in internet,games and apps and calls will determine that.

If you think you are still unsatisfied and want to do the testing, here it goes:

You need to take out the battery from redmi note 3 which is little bit complicated because it is non-removable. So think before you start the testing.

Before start of the testing you need to know the terminals of the smartphone battery.

The battery’s positive [+] terminal is normally at the outer edge and the negative [–] is towards the inside. The third contact is the thermistor that monitors battery temperature. For a quick test, the thermistor does not need to be hooked up. The fourth contact, if available, embeds a battery code for identification. Figure below illustrates a typical contact positioning.

Things You’ll Need to do testing:

1.Fresh battery
2.Battery holder with terminals

3. 2-watt resistor

4. 2 alligator clips for multimeter probe tips

5. Stopwatch

6. Calculator

Step 1:

Check the meter’s battery by setting the multimeter’s control knob to the battery check position. If the meter’s internal battery is depleted, replace it.
TipSome lower-cost multimeters do not have a “battery check” feature. If you turn the meter’s main knob through its settings and the meter display doesn’t turn on, the battery is dead; replace it.

Step 2:

Place the battery in the holder. For 9-volt batteries, use a snap-on battery clip with wire leads.

Step 3:

Slip the alligator clips onto the meter’s probe tips.

Step 4:

Select a resistor appropriate for the battery’s voltage and typical drain current using the table below:

D battery, 200 milli amps drain current
C battery, 100 ma
AA battery, 50 ma
AAA battery, 10 ma
9-volt, 15 ma

Calculate the resistance value by dividing the battery voltage by the current drain in amperes. For example, a 1.5-volt D battery with a drain of .2 amps gives 1.5 / .2 or 7.5 ohms. This is not a standard resistor value, however, so select the next greatest standard value, or 10 ohms.

Step 5:

Reset the stopwatch.

Step 6:

Connect the battery’s positive terminal to one of the resistor’s leads.

Step 7:

Set the multimeter’s control knob to read direct current, or DC, in the 200-milliamp range.

Step 8:

Clip the positive or red meter probe to the unconnected resistor lead. Clip the negative or black probe to the battery’s negative terminal. The meter should give a positive current reading.

Step 9:

Start the stopwatch.

Step 10:

Check the current reading about every hour. When the current is about 70 percent of the original reading, stop the stopwatch. For example, if the original current is 100 ma, stop the stopwatch when the meter indicates 70 ma. .

Step 11:

Calculate the battery’s milliamp-hour rating by multiplying the number of hours recorded on the stopwatch by the initial current reading on the meter. For example, if the meter initially read 90 milli amps and the stopwatch is at 10 hours, the milliamp-hour rating is 90 * 10 or 900 mAh.

Sometimes software will also be helpful. Use this app to know the capacity of battery.

Link: Battery Monitor Widget – Android Apps on Google Play

Hope it helps!

We at this technology blog hope if those solutions above could answer your concern. Take care


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