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My Better Answers Organized by Topic. Are You Mr or Mrs has that kind of query?, If do then please read the good tips right after below:

My Quora Books:

  1. 00: A Brief History of the World:
  2. RE: Reimagining Education: A Quora Book on Education
  3. AA: Ascendance of America: A Quora Book on American History.
  4. BB: Begininning with the Basics: What Everyone Should Know
  5. CC: Ceaseless Conflicts: Quora Book on Present World Conflicts.
  6. DD: Dancing with the Dharma: Quora book on Hinduism
  7. EE: Eclectic Economics
  8. FF: Fascinated by Finance
  9. HH: Hamheaded Hostilities: Quora Book on World Wars.
  10. HH: Hitler and the Holocaust
  11. II: Immersing in India: A Travel Book on India
  12. MM: Marriage, Mango and the Monsoon
  13. MM: Making of the Mahatma: On Gandhi.
  14. MM: The Mess in the Middle East: Quora book on the present crisis.
  15. PP: Puzzled with Pricing: Quora book on how businesses price things.
  16. RR: Refining Reading
  17. TT: From Tryst to Tendulkar: The History of Independent India
  18. WW: Wandering for Wisdom: Quora book on Philosophy
  19. WW: Writing Warriors: Quora book on Writing

My fav 10

  1. What is the compulsion/obsession to climb Mt. Everest?
  2. How can I best learn more about India?
  3. Why does the US pay so much foreign policy attention to the Mideast even though it has had so little positive results over the past 60 years?
  4. How can we explain the fact that 40 percent of the world lives in only two countries?
  5. How can corruption be eradicated from India?
  6. How would you design a perfect new city from scratch?
  7. Why is Abdul Kalam widely loved and respected by everyone?
  8. What's the best approach to starting a new religion?
  9. Startups: How do you successfully launch a product?
  10. How would you explain the essence of Bhagavad Gita?
  11. What prompted the creation of various states within India?
  12. What exactly happened to the Indian Economy in 1991 in layman's terms?
  13. How did Mahatma Gandhi unite millions of people to fight for independence in a non-violent fashion?

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  1. Business Strategy
  2. Startups & Entrepreneurship
  3. History
  4. Productivity, Life, Writing
  5. Politics, Policy & Conflicts
  6. India
  7. Sciences & Education
  8. Other Cultures
  9. Science, Food & Culture

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