Most of us will be forgotten within two generations. Does this bother you at all or not in the slightest?

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Most of us will be forgotten within two generations. Does this bother you at all or not in the slightest?. Do You mam and sir has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please found the good tips right after this line:

I don’t know if this will answer your question, but I have decided to mention it anyway.

There is this particular scene from TVF pitchers – “Where magic happens” which I absolutely love.

Background story for people who don’t know about the series.

Naveen leaves his well paying job to work on his dream start-up. He has a moto “career comes first” which he stringently follows. Shreya is his girlfriend who is one of those rare woman you hardly find these days. Shreya gets her dream job for which she has to go to London. She calls up Naveen and asks him to come to a supermarket to talk about this while she is shopping for groceries. She is half minded. She doesn’t want to leave India and go to London because that would mean both of them would be breaking up as long distance relationships don’t work. But for Naveen it is always “work first” so he is convincing her to take up her dream job at the cost of their relationship.

Shreya -S

Naveen – N

N: …you know na your work is the only thing that will be here when you are long gone.

S:  naveen these things sound good only in words. We are not really Gandhi or Newton or Shakespeare. Our work will be buried with our graves. It is as simple as that.

N: It doesn’t work like that… *picks up a plastic bottle*.. What is this?

S: sar thumara. (Lol. I really don’t know the English equivalent for this.) What nonsense yaar.

N: No shreya. Just tell me what it is.

S:  It is a bottle!

N: Who invented it?

S:  How would I know?!

N: You know, thousands of years back when humans lived in caves….

S: *interrupts him* are you kidding me?! We are going that back, are we?

N: ya we are going that back, now listen to me…

Thousands of years back when humans lived in caves, he had a lot of problems while storing water. Someone made a container with stones. But that was not durable. Then someone noticed that when you put wet mud in sun it would become clay. Then someone else made a pot out of it. But even that was not durable. Then someone invented plastic. Then someone else thought that you can make bottles out of plastic. Then someone created a shape for platic bottles, someone else made it transparent, some other person discovered cap for bottles, someone else designed threads for the cap, then someone else made a factory for manufacturing bottles in which thousands of people work just to make bottles.

This means that lakhs of people have been working from thousands of years to make this bottle. May be we don’t acknowledge, but their work is still here long after they are gone. This is just a bottle. Look around you, you are standing in the museum of human work history!

​May be you will become insignificant after a few years of your death. But the work that you did while you were alive will remain even if people don’t acknowledge it. How ever small your contribution is, it is going to stay, forever, even after you die. Does that make you feel better? 🙂

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