Macbook Air or lenovo yoga 710 i7 6500 intel hd 520?

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Macbook Air or lenovo yoga 710 i7 6500 intel hd 520?. Are You mam own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please read the good answer below this line:

Macbook Air or lenovo yoga 710 i7 6500 intel hd 520?


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You may try these simple remedies I`ve figured out that can solve the issue.

-Put the device into “tablet mode” and then reboot it, the Auto rotate should then work again seamlessly until you open it up and start using the physical keyboard. Once you open the keyboard unfortunately the auto rotate becomes unreliable and doing the reboot will just fix it.
– Secondly,Try to relaunch the Sensor Monitoring Service of your device. it may look like that it was unconsciously disabled during a course of regular usage and/or by accident. To do this, just go to Control panel > Administrative tools > Services > toggle Sensor monitoring service. Then afterwards Reboot the device. Screen rotation should then working fine again after rebooting.


After Googling and comparing the various features of both laptop/tablet, I have chosen the HP Spectre. For me, I like the illuminated keyboard, the super graphic display, the long battery life +10hours, and the overall feel of the laptop which can also be used as a tablet. The only negative I have on the spectre is that it`s a bit heavy to handle as a tablet for any length of time. If you are to purchase one, get it with as much RAM & SSD drive space you can afford. You won`t regret it. I also own two older Lenovo laptops, so I am not discriminating against Lenovo.



Try to Download Intel Management and chipset driver after you install it, reboot your Lenovo Yoga and try to rotate your device, you can download here and find the “Intel Management Engine Interface ” and “Intel Chipset Driver” for your device:


Maybe your laptop contain integrated graphic card,and it will run the amd when your pc is on heavy task/game.


Remove the battery and insert once again it may help you to solve this problem.


Go to settings and hit display and hit auto rotate screen.






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