Is Vicarious the future of AI?

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Is Vicarious the future of AI?. Do You Mr or Mrs has this kind of problem?, If do then plz get the best answer right after below:

Vicarious seems to have invented an improved neural network. It doesn’t look like they made any major secret breakthroughs though.

According to D. Scott Phoenix, cofounder of Vicarious, in How artificial intelligence is getting even smarter:

No great thing is ever created suddenly, and this probably truer for AI than most technologies. I don’t think the advances in artificial intelligence will catch the industry by surprise.

According to Phoenix, neural nets haven’t kept up with brain research for the past 30 years. And Vicarious is trying to bring them up to date with the latest research.

I suspect that Vicarious is right about their technique being an improvement. They already cracked the Captcha code back in 2013, and are planning some new robot demos this year. I would definitely keep an eye on them. Their techniques will probably be mainstream one of these days.

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