Is Quora big in India?

By On Thursday, June 9th, 2022 Categories : Question & Answer

Is Quora big in India?. Are You misses or mister own this kind of question?, If do then please found the good feedback right after below:

Quora is not really big in India. But, India is really big.

When you have 1.2 billion people* simultaneously trying to catch up, learn and see the brave new world there are so many things to talk about. Less than 1/10000 of Indians know about Quora. Even this is enough to create a vibrant community.

Now, the challenge for Quora is to not let a strong clique from in any part of the network. Orkut was careless about it and let the Brazilians completely flood the network with Portuguese. Eventually, the others had no option but to quit (I was active on Orkut for the first 3 years of its existence). Quora is managing the process quite well though.

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